Monday, April 9, 2012


There's been a lot of chatter in my jewelry group lately about the sad state of being a vendor of vintage costume jewelry, including designer signed pieces, in 2012. Seems that if anyone is selling anything, they're losing money on it or just about giving it away. What has happened?

One of the suggestions put forward by a member was the current saturation on the market of vintage costume jewelry vendors all trying to unload their items at the same time. That started when there was a sudden surge of interest a year or two back in glitzy jewelry. Celebrities were wearing it. In came the vendors. This was their chance to make a killing. But as surely as the wave rose, it dumped and suddenly eBay, Ruby Lane, Etsy and all the popular venues were top heavy with beautiful signed costume jewelry just sitting there. That, sadly, is still the case.

Another idea put forward was the current proliferation of "new" vintage style costume jewelry available in real world outlets. Much of it is modelled on the gorgeous designer vintage pieces of the 40's to 60's. It looks great though cheaply made and being offered at low prices. For a lot of women in this tough economy who like the look of glitz, it's "good enough" and affordable.

And so, that brings me to my own situation with designer signed costume jewelry. I don't have much left. I think I sensed what was happening early enough to not get caught with too much stock. What Sherman I had was sold long ago. My only valuable designer signed pieces left are a couple of Schiaparellis, both of which I've now sent to auction at eBay. I know I'm going to lose money on them big time if indeed they sell at all, but I want to retire from this online jewelry business and get on with other interests in my life.

The good news for those who still want to collect designer signed pieces is that this is a buyer's market. If you are going to collect, now is a great time to buy (or rather) invest. Here's one of the Schiaparellis I'm offering on eBAy this week:

Designer Signed SCHIAPARELLI set at auction on EBay until  April 15, 2012
This is truly an exquisite set with colours that are indescribably beautiful. It rivals Sherman for design and quality. You'll also find this Schiaparelli set below in my listings:

Designer Signed Teal Blue SCHIAPARELLI set at auction on Ebay until  April 15, 2012
Both these sets start at a very low dollar, well below what I paid and what they would have fetched way back when. Going by the number of watchers on each piece, already over 20 since I listed them last night, there is lots of interest. So don't be left out if either of these appeals to you.

And while I have you, I want to tell you about 2 utterly exquisite SHERMAN bracelets being offered on eBay by a colleague. Like me, she hasn't sold on eBAy for over a year, but like me, she's taking a chance. The signed SHERMAN BRACELET below is truly to die for! I remember looking at bracelets like this in her book, and seeing similar on eBAy and wishing I could afford them. As she told me today, the bracelet below couldn't be bought for under $1000 when things were on the upswing. She has a reserve on this one, understandably, as it's such a rare and highly desirable bracelet, but the auction starts at a low $100. But here's the thing: there's only 2 days left to run in her auction so be sure to put a watch on it now and if you really want it, get ready to bid. This is a Sherman collector's dream bracelet:

Signed SHERMAN bracelet at auction on eBAy ends around 4pm  PDT on April 11, 2012
Snooze and you'll surely lose out on this one. This vendor has another fantastic wide Sherman bracelet up for grabs on Ebay too:

Sparkling aurora borealis signed Sherman bracelet on auction or buy it now on eBay ends April 11, 2012
All four of these designer signed pieces are a great buy for collectors who appreciate yesterday's craftsmanship that just can't be matched today. Go for it!


Vintage Jewelry Girl said...

Interesting coming across this when I was just thinking about the decline in popularity in vintage jewelry. Do you think things improved since your post? Thanks!

Viga Boland said...

I don't know about the current state of costume jewelry as I no longer buy it or sell it. the only vintage jewelry I collect is ERTE. Thanks foe commenting.