Thursday, March 4, 2010


With the permission of the owner of the above pieces, I wanted to share this glorious collection of Siam Red Sherman jewellery with you. What a beautiful assortment! And do I wish it were mine? And how! But it's not for sale: it's for you Sherman collectors and readers of this blog to help me answer a question the owner asked me when she sent me the photo: "What do you think it's worth?" What could she get for a collection like this?

All the pieces except the smaller necklace are signed "Sherman". And I don't need to tell you that she has here one of the most sought after Sherman colors: Siam reds. Even better, all the pieces have japanned backing. And all pieces are in top condition with no missing or replaced stones? So what would you offer her?

Her question sent me trotting over to ebay to see what's happening with Sherman there these days. Last time I looked, things seemed quiet. Worse yet, Sherman wasn't getting the dollars it deserves. But of course, what do you expect if you're selling Sherman on ebay! I also didn't find much Siam red Shermans on ebay at that time. But guess what? Right now, suddenly, several pieces have cropped up on that infamous auction site! What a good time for the owner of this set to get her question answered if she watches those auctions. Of course, she'll need to keep one thing in mind: what her set is worth and what it would fetch on ebay could be miles apart!

For her, and anyone else interested in acquiring Siam Red Shermans, here are the item numbers of the pieces currently at auction on ebay:

#390164868627 - Wide cuff bracelet with opening bid of $249. Signed; japan-backed; Ends March 7, 2010

#310204353782 - Scalloped necklace with opening bid of $249. Signed; japan- backed; Ends March 7/10

#300402538578 - Brooch/earring set. Signed; japan-backed. 16 bids at this time - Reserve. Ends March 9

#290408431295 - Small brooch - Signed; japan-backed; 6 bids so far. Ends March 10, 2010

#160409750922 - Earrings - Signed; japan-backed; 2 bids so far. Ends March 9, 2010

So there you go. Lots of Siam Red Sherman on ebay right now ... enough to put your own parure together! And if you want a Siam Red Sherman bracelet but can handle the fact that it's not signed, but definitely Sherman, there's still my lovely bracelet and signed Sherman earring set, on sale now during our MARCH MADNESS SALE (until March 15, 2010) at MY COST! It's yours for only $225 for both pieces!

So back to where we started: Can you, dear reader and fellow Sherman admirer/collector, tell me what you think the set at the top of this post is worth? What would you be willing to pay? Please leave your comments below this post. Thanks for your help!