Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Those who collect Sherman or other famous vintage jewelry designers know that when it comes to "investing" in Sherman and not just "buying" Sherman because you like it, that there's a big difference in what to look for and what you will pay when you find it. Take the honey bee pin shown on the right. It's a Sherman .. no I didn't know he made pins like this either ... and this rare pin recently sold on ebay for $1250. The members of our costume jewelry group were floored. No doubt the vendor was in 7th heaven, especially if he or she picked it up at a yard sale for pennies. Yes, sometimes vendors get lucky and come across a treasure in a box of trash. Not that that happened here. I know nothing about the history of this piece but I thought my readers might like to know what to look for when they're "investing" in Sherman.

As you know if you've been following this blog, I've decided to get out of designer vintage costume jewelry and have been selling off my costume jewelry at cost. I still have some left and invite you to visit my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. I have some Shermans left, along with Alice Caviness, Schiaparelli, Juliana, Kramer, Weiss and others. No reasonable offer will be refused. As long as I cover my cost on the piece, it's yours. So please don't hesitate to make an offer. Several have already taken advantage of my "clearance", including vendors. It's amusing ... almost ... sob ... to see them listing the pieces they purchased from me at a higher price than they paid me and already getting sales on them. But that's the merry-go-round of selling.

On that note, don't be surprised if my postings in this blog become increasingly less frequent. If I'm not selling Sherman any longer, it's pointless to keep two blogs going (my other one is HERE) and it covers both vintage costume and fine jewelry. So if I have something to share with you re Shermans, you'll find it there.

And as I sign off, I have noticed a few interesting pieces at auction on ebay right now that you should consider bidding on for their style and color combinations. You find them at these links:


These obviously go together but the vendor has separated them. You can thank me for the plug later Harry LOL!

This one is also a beauty: There's a reserve on it but certainly worth having a shot at.

New collectors might like to bid on this Sherman lot: Great way to start your Sherman collection.

Gee, I really must ask myself why I do this ie. why am I advertising for others? In business, you pay people to advertise for you. Hmmm... maybe I should think about charging for this LOL!