Monday, June 29, 2009


I've been telling you for weeks now about Shermans being auctioned on eBay by other vendors and now it's my turn. Yes, I've caved in and have listed 9 of my lovely Shermans on that infamous auction site. I must confess: I'm terrified! Doing this could end up costing me a lot of money as I've never been one to acquire my Shermans cheaply i.e. lucky finds in a $20 box of costume jewelry at an estate or garage sale. Every piece of Sherman I own I have paid plenty for but the current market for costume jewelry is very depressed. And like any seller, there comes a time when you just have to unload if you're ever going to acquire new pieces or stay afloat financially. That time has come for me now and it's with trepidation that I offer you the lovely Shermans attached to the links supplied in this blog and on auction at ebay this week, ending on Sunday, July 5th.

The bidding on the fabulous older blue necklace/earring set shown at the top right currently stands at $89.88 and has a huge number of 'watchers'. You always wonder when you're selling on eBay how many of the "watchers" are genuinely interested buyers and how many are other vendors watching to see what you get LOL! I've certainly watched, but not purchased many pieces on ebay. That set above is well worth bidding on given its condition and gorgeous design. A very good set for new collectors to start with. Click the photo to learn more and bid.

If you follow this blog, you've seen the set on the left before. It's one of the most beautiful brooch sets I have and it features those rare and highly desirable faux alexandrite stones that turn this set from blue/green to mauve depending on the light. I've been totally stumped as to why this set hasn't sold from Ruby Lane as it's in exquisite condition and definitely one to add to your Sherman collection. Again, it has a ton of "watchers" at this point but only one bid so far. Don't let this one get away from you. I paid a small fortune for it. Wish me luck. I'd hate to just "give it away" on ebay! Click the photo for more details & to bid.

I know I'll hate myself for this but I've listed another of my faux alexandrites on ebay this week too. It's the incredible necklace shown on the right. What a beauty! 16 1/2" long, it's a combination of large purple and aurora borealis marquise stones and large round cut faux alexandrites that change from pretty blue to purple as the light changes. The rhodium-plate backing is still as shiny as the day it left the factory and the stones have superb glitter and clarity. A real knockout Sherman necklace in one of the most sought after stones. Place your bid by clicking on the photo on the right.

Probably the biggest risk I'm taking listing on ebay is with the Siam red bracelet and earring set shown on the left. Like all siam red Shermans, this one was expensive. Add to that the fact that we're looking at a siam red Sherman bracelet here, and well, again, if you've followed this blog, you know how high Sherman bracelets can go. But those that go so high are the wide cuff bracelets. This isn't one of those but it is 5 rows wide, 11/16" high, and has one of the other identifiable and sought after features in Sherman: japan backing i.e. the backing is black. Now I've coupled this bracelet with earrings but they are not original to the bracelet. The earrings are signed. The bracelet isn't. But the bracelet was acquired from a retired Toronto jeweler who sold lots of Sherman, many with orignal tags but no signature. He purchased his Shermans directly from the Sherman salesman who regularly visited his shop with new items. Without question, this is one of the pieces you should be bidding on this week at ebay. I tried for 2 years to find a Siam red Sherman bracelet I could afford and I still paid a lot for this one. It this doesn't reach my cost, I'll cry! But if you win it, you won't be sorry.

That's just 4 of the Sherman pieces I'm offering on ebay this week. If you slip over to see those, you'll find the others: 2 more bracelets (blue and aurora borealis), a pale topaz navette necklace that is utterly stunning, a pink/fuschia brooch set, and the outstanding aurora borealis swarovski crystal bead set on the right. Take advantage of my weakness in putting these lovely Shermans to auction on ebay. If you win any of my Shermans, you can be sure your are getting exactly what I described so read the descriptions carefully, link through to my Ruby Lane shop to look at the other photos and place your bids! Good luck!