Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ah ... nice for a change to be able to bring some lovely Sherman necklace and necklace sets to your attention. I think I've had enough of Sherman bracelets for a while. Haven't you?

So this week on eBay, and ending pretty soon, is the stunning golden glass crystal beads sautoir by Sherman shown on the right. I just love this style!
I've also noticed that every time I've had one of these sautoirs for sale in my shop at Ruby Lane, whether it's a Sherman or Weiss or some other vintage designer, they go fast. This is such a popular style of necklace.

The Sherman beauty shown here is 30" long and from what I can tell from the photos, appears to have some clear aurora borealis glass beads alternating with golden or light topaz glass beads. Scattered liberally along the necklace are beautiful filigreed findings that add to the luster. This auction ends at 18:00:41 EDT on June 1st. Of course, whoever wins it will need to find some earrings to go with it. Good luck if you decide to bid.

Now on the left is another one on auction at eBay this week. You've got a little more time with this one but not much as it ends at 21:39:08 EDT on June 2.

Again, this one is really worth going for. For one thing, it's a set. You won't have to try to find matching earrings. Secondly, the color is a fabulous mix of teal and aquamarine. Simply gorgeous! And thirdly, this one has a design element you don't see that often in Sherman jewelry: a triple "flower pot" design complete with frosted crystal leaves. The vendor says this set is in "mint condition". Well take that with a grain of salt ie. vintage jewelry is rarely "mint" unless it's been kept in a box and unworn from the date of purchase ... and maybe that's the case here. If so, then all the more reason to snap it up. Harry, you can thank me later for plugging this one for you :))

The last Sherman necklace set I'm going to tell you about in this post is the one shown below:

You'll find this beauty in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE where I just listed it this week. If you prefer to avoid the frustration of losing out at the last moment with an auction, buying outright from those of us who sell Sherman and offer accurate and honest descriptions is always a smart move for the investor, and in my case, I'm always willing to consider reasonable offers.

The set above is special for several reasons: all three pieces are signed "Sherman"... always important to collectors. Secondly, this set is a rare find: the actual patent number is shown on the earring clips. With a bit of research, you might be able to determine the actual year of manufacture. Thirdly, this set is another one of those with highly sought-after colors: rich deep purple swarovski crystals are played against large faux alexandrite stones that change from blue/green to lavender/mauve as the light changes. Take a close look at the photo-merge here:

This is a merge of two shots of the necklace, showing the faux alexandrite stones in their mauve color (top) and in their blue/green color (bottom). Same necklace; same angle; different lighting.

These factors: the colors in the set, the patent number, all pieces signed, and superb condition for a Sherman, make this a wonderful investment piece for the Sherman collector. Please click on the photos to visit the shop, see more pictures and read more about this one. Then contact me!