Monday, May 25, 2009

SHERMAN BRACELETS ARE "ALL THAT" ON EBAY!'s getting to that point that the only Shermans worth watching on eBay are the bracelets. So much for Sherman bracelets being rare or hard to get! I don't think I can ever remember seeing so many on auction on eBay as I'm seeing now. What's more, Sherman is one of the few vintage designer costume pieces that is selling, and selling consistently i.e. it's rare to see a Sherman not sell on eBay. Correction: they sell if they're being sold in auction format. That means, of course, that the seller takes that huge leap of faith that the Sherman they're selling will at least reach what they invested or what the piece should be worth. And from my observations, the one thing that seems to do that consistently, are Sherman bracelets.

So if you're in the market for a Sherman bracelet, you might like the two I'm showing in this blog post. Both are very much worth buying. The one shown at the top is that lovely design you don't come across all that often. It's in warm amber and champagne tones and is 2 1/2" wide. Highly desirable. But wait! There's more: this auction isn't just for the bracelet: this is an entire 3-piece parure consisting of bracelet, earrings and necklace. WOW! This is one you should go for. It finishes May 26th and right now there are only 3 bidders but watch that change in the last few minutes. Bidding is already at $501.69. If it were to stop there, the buyer is a real winner as that would be a bargain for this set. I'll be watching for sure. Here's a photo of the full parure:

The other Sherman bracelet worth watching and possibly going for is the one below. It's another of those highly sought after cuff bracelets in those highly sought after colors: pink and fuschia. This one's a real beauty: it's 1 3/4" wide and 7" long and according to the seller, in great condition. But now, this'll really be interesting. You see, the seller in the parure above, started the auction at $9.99 USD and in only one bid, it shot up to $350. Two bids later, it was at its current price. In the case of the gorgeous fuschia cuff bracelet below,

the seller is starting the auction at $599 USD. That's possibly all the seller will get given the resistance ebay buyers seem to have to auctions that start high. (I tested that this past week by listing my gorgeous faux alexandrite brooch set on ebay starting at what I paid for it ie. $149 USD. It didn't sell. But I've seen similar sets go for more dollars when the auction started at a low figure. Yes, I was too afraid of getting less than I paid. Happens to me too often on ebay LOL!)

But speaking of that, I am open to offers on that faux alexandrite set if you're interested. Check it out HERE. As long as your offer covers my cost and shipping to you, it's yours. For that matter, you can do the same on all my Shermans right now while I'm in the mood to get out of this crazy business of selling vintage costume jewelry.