Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sorry I haven't been around lately. The March Madness sale in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE was super busy and some of our customers got some great deals on all our jewelry, including our Shermans. It was truly a case of "first in, best dressed"! Now I'm busy re-building my stock of Shermans. I've got some lovely pieces to tell you about but I'll save those for another post because right now, I want to tell you about the incredible bracelet on auction right now on Ebay and shown in the photo above.

Mind you, by the time you read this, that auction will be over and I'm going to make a guess that the bidding will exceed $700 USD for this one. Even now as I write, with 2 hours to go, it's already over $500. Who will be the lucky winner? At a guess, it'll be that buyer who's been buying up all the Shermans on ebay. Her bid is currently the high one: surprise, surprise ... NOT!

In the event that you stumble across this post in a month or two when the auction is no longer showing on ebay, here's the ID number for that auction: 360142850200 You'll be able to locate it for a while. In the meantime, let's talk about why this bracelet is one "to die for".

The first thing that should jump at you is the gorgeous design: pure artistry. This features a gorgeous array of various shaped stones. Now look at the symmetry! As for color, the stones apparently are a combination of purple, clear, bronze, gold and clear. And then there's the other rare factor: the width of the bracelet: it's a little over 2 1/2" wide! Now that's a wide Sherman bracelet! Do you know how hard it is to get Sherman bracelets of that width, let alone one with this fabulous design? That's what makes this bracelet one to die for!

Unfortunately, I can't afford to die for it. Way beyond my budget but I'll happily watch someone else win it. I'll let you know in my next post (which will be about some of the Sherman bracelets I've got for sale and that we ordinary folk can afford) what this one went for. The photo below shows how it looks on a wrist. Too bad it'll never be on mine. But if you have the good luck to come across a Sherman bracelet like this one at a great price, and I have seen others like this, then grab it. This is a collector's piece all the way! And yes, it's signed "Sherman"


I just checked. Boy was I off the mark. I thought it would go for $750 or thereabouts. Well, as you can see from the headline, it went for $1257 USD! And that buyer who's been buying all the Shermans on ebay missed it by $7. Ouch! But can you believe it? That's more money than I can get for genuine gold, diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces. I don't think Gustave Sherman would have believed his "fabulous fakes" could be worth more than the real thing!

So is Sherman jewellery a wise investment? Come visit OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE or our site at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE and start collecting at reasonable prices!