Monday, March 16, 2009


I got my blogs mixed up a few days back ... that's the trouble with us vintagers! I yapped on an on in MY OTHER BLOG about Shermans on auction this past week and encouraged readers to watch the auction for this gorgeous Sherman set above which was remarkably like the Juliana set by D&E that I have listed in MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

Well I watched that auction tonight. With 12 seconds to go, the high bid was still less than $100 US. Then in came the snipes I guess and bam! This one went for $425US. I nearly choked. Holy smoke! And you know what, only the earrings are signed. But as the seller pointed out and as is pointed out in the latest book on Sherman, "The Masterpiece Collection", this isn't uncommon especially with Sherman's bead sets like this one.

So now I look again at all the lovely Shermans I have currently for sale in MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE and ask myself why I'm selling them so cheaply. What am I missing here LOL!

I've heard of MARCH MADNESS and right now, I'm suffering from it. You see, we're running a MARCH MADNESS SALE in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE right now, through to the end of March and this is your chance to pick up some really nice Shermans (necklaces, bracelets, brooches and sets) at a great price. I feel my Shermans are most reasonably priced even when they're not on sale, and now I'm giving my customers a chance to save even more!

Take that gorgeous colorado topaz necklace shown above. This is such a gorgeous design and the necklace is in lovely condition with bright, beautifully colored swarovski crystals. I'm asking $295US for this one but during our MARCH MADNESS SALE, you are welcome to make me an offer. I might say no but then, I might say yes! You'll never know if you don't ask.

Or how about this incredible fushia necklace shown on the left? It's utterly sensational with fabulous glitter and a swirl of crystals going from one end to the other. It's $295 too but again, you can make an offer.

And then there's the deliciously lovely faux alexandrite brooch and earrings set shown in the photo below. It changes from mauve to blue/green depending on the light and it's in outstanding condition. We've put up two photos here so you can see that color change. This is like having 2 different Sherman sets and people are always fascinated by the way faux alexandrite changes color, not to mention that faux alexandrite jewelry by Sherman isn't the easiest thing to find. I've got this set listed at a very reasonable $250! I watched a faux alexandrite set like this go on ebay 2 weeks ago for over $375! And now, with March Madness, I'm saying you can make an offer? I must be mad!