Sunday, March 8, 2009


I don't make a habit of promoting Shermans for sale by other vendors ( I want to sell my own stock LOL) but then, today is International Women's Day and I do like helping other women, especially when they are my colleagues at Ruby Lane. So today I'm happy to tell you about this incredible Sherman demi for sale by Pam. Actually, she has it on auction at Ebay this week but is offering it at a BUY IT NOW price of $995 or BEST OFFER. This one will be interesting indeed!

Now if you're a Sherman collector, I'd suggest you'd want to add this one to your collection. It's incredible. Just look at that design! It's a stunning combination of siam red and clear slender navettes that cascade down to that knockout central siam red stone. What an outstanding piece. If you can afford it, go for it! This is definitely one for the collectors and if you wear your Sherman, then expect every eye in the room to be on you when you arrive wearing this one!

While I was away, the gorgeous Sherman parure shown below was on auction. I was very surprised to see that it didn't sell. It again has one of the most wanted colors: deep purple, used in combination with lilac and amethyst shades. Furthermore, this one is a 3-piece set: brooch, earrings and necklace, and in my opinion, it's very lovely. The vendor had an opening bid of only $329 for this set, with a BUY IT NOW of $379. Maybe his photos didn't do it justice or maybe it was just a bad week for auctions. But if any of you readers like this one, email me via my SHOP AT RUBY LANE and I'll put you in touch with the seller.

It's always interesting to watch Shermans being auctioned on ebay. Some go. Some don't. One simple single strand glass bead set didn't sell this morning and the opening bid was only $49.95. Why some fly and others don't is a mystery but I'm sure it all has to do with different and/or unusual designs and colors. That said, I'll be interested in seeing how the one shown below goes in a couple of days time: it's clear stones and they are not the most sought after pieces. But, look at the design: now that's really different isn't it!

Will you go for it? (Click on the photo to go to auction page). I swore off the clear rhinestone Shermans last year when it took me months and months to sell a fabulous Art Deco set that I had in my Ruby Lane shop and also tried to auction on ebay. It didn't fly on ebay at all and I couldn't understand it. It was unique and had cost me a bundle. I ended up selling it at cost on Ruby Lane and that hurt. But maybe that was last year and my timing was unfortunate. I've seen several clear stone pieces do very well on ebay this year. I tell you, timing really is everything. Well I'll be watching this one. Maybe I'll even bid on it. With my luck, if I win it, when I go to sell it no-one will want the clear ones again! Must be nice to just be a collector and not a seller. You don't worry about things like that LOL!

Say, while I'm busy pushing other seller's sites, if you're new to my blog, why don't you stop by my SHOP AT RUBY LANE and check out some of my Shermans currently on sale there. You don't have to win an auction to buy one of those and they're reasonably priced too. Or you can make me an offer. You never know what I'll say. Hope all you ladies had a lovely International Woman's Day. Bet some of you didn't even know what today was, right?