Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've come to the conclusion that vintage jewelry designers go through the same highs and lows, ins and outs, or whatever you want to call the tendency for one designer to be the flavour of the month only to be supplanted by another one, literally, a month or two later.

Not that Sherman is ever "out" but right now, it's running hot. Sometime before Christmas I developed a passion for "Juliana" jewelry by DeLizza & Elster. I couldn't have become interested at a worst time I think. I watched auction after auction on ebay for Juliana fetch huge dollars, more than I could comfortably invest. So I concluded that as much as I loved Juliana, I could never afford it. At that time, Sherman was doing well too, but Juliana was going for much higher dollars.

Well now, no-one seems to be buying Juliana ... but Sherman? Ay yay yay! It's flying high on ebay. Did you see that gorgeous grande parure that just finished today? What a beautiful set!

I don't know if the seller got what she wanted for that one but whoever bought it really scored. It went for $312.99. I would have loved to bid on it, but I've spent so much on stock in the past few months that I had to watch and wish only. What intrigued me about this set was how different it was for a Sherman. Is there no end to variations on Sherman? Seems not. Just when I think I've seen them all, one like this comes along. I had no idea that Sherman also did pearls or faux pearls. And given what I see Michelle Obama wearing in jewelry, I predict that pearls and beads are going to be big in 2009, at least for American women. It seems that they really follow what the first lady wears. So the lucky winner of that gorgeous Sherman set scored in more ways than one, don't you agree?

I'm currently watching a Juliana on ebay that I think is a knockout. It's this one here:

I think this is a magnificent piece of vintage jewelry. I purchased pieces from the lady selling this one before. She has fabulous jewelry. I'd love to buy this one but she does have a reserve on it, and most likely, once again, it will be beyond my budget. Or will it? I watched one of her auctions end on Sunday night and was shocked that the gorgeous Juliana set she sold went for her opening bid and only one seller bid on it. I didn't even try because I just figured it'd go too high. Well it didn't. Does that mean the run on Juliana is now over, that it's no longer the flavour of the month?

A colleague of mine is actually the one who prompted this post. It was she who commented that Sherman is hot, hot, hot right now, maybe because of the new book that came out just before Christmas. She feels it'll probably cool off by this time next year. What do you think? Is Sherman susceptible to taste fluctuations or will it always be hot, hot, hot? I'd love to hear your comments.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Okay ... it's happened to me again! Just when I think I won't find another Sherman better than the last one I bought, I do find one! Well, "better" is the wrong word when it comes to Sherman. Maybe I mean "prettier" or "more dazzling" or "more gorgeous"... Oh what the heck! How about I just tell you about my latest discovery.

It's a fabulous Grande Parure i.e. there's 3 parts to this set: necklace, earrings, and brooch. The necklace is unlike any I've owned: it's semi-rigid, meaning there's a built in "bow" or "curve" to that centerpiece, which is about 5" long. It's a most unusual design the way it splits in the middle. One avid Sherman collector I showed it to said it'd look even more lovely with a single large crystal nestled in that split, and I can't help but agree. But then, who are we to argue with Gustave Sherman. If this is the way he wanted it, so be it.

The set is a lovely mixture of pink/purple Aurora Borealis and incredibly clear pink Swarovski crystals in varying shapes and sizes: marquise and round cuts in the necklace and brooch, slender navettes in the earrings. Is this an original set ie. did all the pieces come together in the first place? Who knows! All I do know is the colors are a perfect match in all the pieces and all pieces are signed "Sherman".

This grande parure by Sherman is in remarkable condition both front and back, with very little wear to the shiny silver rhodium-plate backings. You can see many more photos and read the specific details in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE where we show the price in both US and Canadian dollars. The other thing you'll notice when looking at the photos is that the color of the pink isn't consistent from photo to photo. That's because we had a devil of a time getting accurate color on this one. In bright light or daylight, the pinks are so much paler, as shown here:

But as the light drops, you get colors closer to the one shown in the photo at the top i.e. a much deeper pink that borders on rose or even fuschia. For me, that's a bonus! Where else can you get two of the most in-demand Sherman colors in one set LOL!

This is definitely a Sherman collector's dream for several reasons:

1) It's a grande parure i.e. 3 - 4 piece set
2) It's in one of the most coveted and rarer Sherman colors: PINK
3) It's in superb condition

Want to add it to your Sherman collection? You know what to do. Scurry on over to OUR RUBY LANE SHOP now and make it yours!