Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well tonight's the night I'll be biting my nails and keeping my fingers crossed and dying a thousand deaths between 8 -10pm EST. That's when my auctions for some of my best Sherman pieces finish on eBay, the ones I told you about in my last blog. I'm trying not to worry...too late now anyway as I can't end the auctions. I have lots of watchers ...up to 27 on the faux alexandrite brooch set ... on all the items and all have bids. But none of them, at this time, have met my cost for these pieces! So am I going to lose my shirt on these or will we suddenly see the bidding go bonkers in the last hour or last few seconds? I sure hope so or I stand to lose a lot of my investment in Sherman jewelry :((

In the meantime, this week I was fascinated by the ebay auctions for 3 wide Sherman bracelets. All three were 1 1/4" wide ...NICE! Two of them, those shown at the top of this blog, were being offered by the same seller, and both were clear stones i.e. no color! Now clear Shermans don't usually sell for as high a dollar as colored ones but then, these are wide bracelets and that makes all the difference. Well here's what happened: the wide one on the top left, with the flowery pattern of large stones set into the center of the bracelet, sold for $801 USD. The other one, which came with earrings, but was the more traditional series of rows, fetched $257 USD. WOW! That's a difference of nearly $500!

So what made the one with no earrings so much more valuable than the other, given both were the same length and 1 1/4" wide, and both were clear stones? I can only assume it was that flowery design in the center of the one as opposed to the usual series of rows. Tells you something about what to buy if you're looking at Shermans as investments and not just nice designer vintage jewelry.

The third wide bracelet was the one I liked and would have gone for if I were buying Shermans right now (I'm not!) and it's shown directly below:

This one is also 1 1/4" wide and is a nice mixture of baguette and round stones i.e. not as traditional as the $257 bracelet above and not as different as the other. But what it does have going for it as well is the color: amethyst. I have found amethyst jewelry, whether in real gemstones or in costume jewelry, is really popular. And as I stated above, usually color is more sought after than clear pieces. Well this one went for $380, sort of in the middle between the other two, and most likely for the reasons I stated: color, stone cuts, width etc. Did you bid on any of these? If so, whichever one you liked, being wide bracelets all of them are worth having.

Well that's it for me this week. Wish me luck tonight. I may or may not tell you how I did. I just hope my heart isn't in my stomach when I next write this blog about Shermans. Have a good week everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, FYI I was the lucky one who purchased the bracelet featured on your blog (it is alexandrite) on Ebay a few weeks ago; the same color brooch that went with the bracelet is what drove me to purchase both pieces from the same dealer. BTW, the condition was excellent, best I have ever purchased. I showed both pieces to a dealer in Calgary and she has never seen one like it in her 20 years of being a antique dealer. Oh yes, I only buy rare large brooches or bracelets have to be in a rare colour; have no interest in buying small brooches. Also necklaces do nothing for me either unless they are very large and rare. My 2 cents on what I like to buy to add to my ever expanding Sherman collection. Deanna