Friday, June 19, 2009


I've been horribly busy on the domestic front these past 2 weeks and have had little time for blogging. I apologize to my followers but home first, business second.

Anyway, I'm stealing a moment to apprise you of some lovely pickings on eBay right now that are worth your attention. I just found the gorgeous set on the right. What a fabulous design! I've not seen a Sherman like this and I predict this one will fetch a very high dollar because of its uniqueness.

However, that said, there is one issue: a missing stone and unfortunately it's in that central drop on the necklace. What a pity. But if you can find a replacement, you're laughing. I'd definitely go for this one if I were able to repair it. Mind you, I wish the seller had stated the color. I can't tell if it's clear Swarovski crystals or light green or aquamarine ... . I'll ask her a question and maybe she'll be able to clear that up for us. Color, as you know, can make a big difference to the final price, but a design like this will still make this an attractive purchase to collectors. Click on the photo to go directly to the auction page and learn more. Finishes June 24th.

The unusual set on the left is already way up there in the bids i.e. it's already at $255 and still has over 3 days to go. The seller tells us it's in excellent condition and the stones are a combination of milk glass, black onyx and dark smoky crystals. Personally, I like milk glass but it has never been a big seller for me. But then, this is a "SHERMAN" and that can make all the difference between liking and not liking milk glass stones. Again, if you want to know more about this one or want to bid on it, just click on the photo on the left to go to the auction page.

I don't know ... do you think I need my head examined for promoting other people's Shermans when I have so many of my own waiting for a buyer? Maybe it's time for me to put my Shermans on Ebay too, though honestly, I hate to do that. It's risky: a seller can end up getting less than she paid when something goes to auction and I've been burned once too often. Alternately, if the piece is really one that collectors want, eBay prices can go sky high. Hmmm.... what to do?

Well while I have you and I'm busy promoting other's wares, I nearly forgot to tell you that I too have a gorgeous set just added to MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE. It's the one shown below:

No, it's design isn't as rare as that one at the top, but this one is in superb condition with no missing stones, all pieces are signed "Sherman", and it's in that color that collectors want: fuschia! Those lovely dangling earrings are also a popular feature. I'm asking $395 USD but I'm always receptive to offers. In fact, I'd be interested in hearing your offers on any of my Shermans and the other designer vintage costume jewelry currently available from MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE. As long as your offer isn't under what I paid for it, I might just accept it. You see, I'd rather sell it to you for less than risk it on eBay. So why not slip over, take a closer look at all my Shermans, and make me an offer I can't refuse? Are you up to the challenge? I'm waiting!

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