Monday, May 18, 2009


I took a bit of a beating in the comments left on my previous post but despite what folks said, I stand firm on my belief that when you're selling anything, whether it's Sherman or a car, descriptions need to be accurate, especially if the price tag is high. Buyers want to know what they're buying is a good investment, and jewelry by Sherman is a good investment, especially if the piece is in top condition, has no loose or replaced stones, is signed, is in a high-demand color etc etc.

So it's nice to find a lovely piece like the necklace shown on the right which is currently at auction on ebay and ends in about 8 hours from now. I'll most definitely be watching this one, especially since it has a reserve. At this time, bidding has reached $132.49. Will they crack that reserve?

In my opinion, this a gorgeous necklace, primarily because of its unusual design: you don't see ones like this everywhere. And thankfully, the seller has done a good job telling us what we want to know about it. Here's their description:

"Absolutely stunning SIGNED SHERMAN necklace. Made of the Aurora Borealis rhinestones. Perfect condition. I have shown some pictures using a flash and others without. Measures 17" in total. 10" on one side and 7" on the other (from the middle of the front). All stones are shiney (sp) and accounted for. Each of the 2 halves in the front measure 2" long by 1" thick."

This description, though short, tells the buyer exactly what they need to know and lets the buyer make an informed decision to bid or not.

Those of you in the market for one of those sought-after wide bracelets might like to go for this one on the left. It finishes on the evening of May 19th. This is a good-looking bracelet and according to the description provided by the seller, it's a "Sherman Signed Bracelet 5 rows great condition. All stones are great. Measures 17" by 1". I've purchased Sherman from this seller in the past and I know her descriptions are accurate. Don't be afraid to go for this one. Right now, bidding is at $148.49 USD. Since it's aurora borealis and not one of the "hot" Sherman colours, you might get this one at a reasonable price.

I've found one more Sherman ending on ebay this week that is really something else. It's the one shown on the left. How different is that?! It's not what we usually think of when we think Sherman but I'm going to guess this one will fetch a good dollar because it's so unique. Again, it's signed, always a plus when a buyer is unsure. It's being offered by the same seller who is selling that bracelet just above. So perhaps if you're lucky and win both, she might be able to combine shipping for you. Do ask before you bid. Here's what she's telling us about this one:

"SHERMAN Pearl RARE Necklace Signed Sherman on the back of the clasp. Excellent condition. Measures 22" Long and the center piece is Mother of Pearl polished and exquisite. The clasp exhibits the coil wire finishing to the strand at the clasp. There are cobalt blue beads between all the 8mm faux pearls. Very Princess like and feminine."

I might be tempted to go for this one myself because it's so unique. One way or the other, I'll be watching. It ends on the evening of May 20th. That seller, by the way, has quite a few other Sherman pieces up for grabs, so you might like to check "Sellers Other Items".

Speaking of bracelets, and while I'm busy promoting other sellers' items, I nearly forgot that I've also just listed the lovely wide signed Sherman bracelet shown below at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE and in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. The full description along with several views of the bracelet from different angles is available in the RUBY LANE listing.

Since my detractors accuse me of "yapping" too much, I won't say anything about my own piece but just click the photo or the links above so you can read all about it and see more photos.

Cheers and happy buying and bidding!


Anonymous said...

**Regarding previous post**

its me - the first anonymous again.

Deb's comments are good and thoughtful but anonymous does not = Anonymous and ashamed. I'm not ashamed to show my name either. Some people are just more private -thats all.

The fact that a bracelet is overpriced or misdescribed or undescribed or overvalued is never good.

Funny though - what about the inverse. Some buyers are trying to capatalize. It seems EVERYONE jumps on the undervalued buy it now items. You know - the "buy it nows" that are a quarter of the price.

What about buyers who take swipes on auctions at the last minute to not overinflate the bidding during the auction??? (Keep the price low until the last minute and then strike in the last 5 seconds - there are computer programs you can install to do this!!!) Should we be writing about the accurate value of those items to protect some sellers too? Or do we high five because we scored and the seller lost out BIG TIME! hmmm... interesting ethical questions here.

Is this the issue here???
I don't think so Mon Ami.

What is important here is the name-calling. I might imply that it is a bit undiplomatic. Can we have open minds and all agree not to do that? Lets think about polite computing and manners!

None of us are without fault.

I, like many good people who read this blog, tend to like to keep informed and also to help those who are weak or new (new sellers and buyers).

Profit is not the bottom line...
Deeds and words speak.

Delete or do not post if you must...



RE: "What is important here is the name-calling. I might imply that it is a bit undiplomatic. Can we have open minds and all agree not to do that?" To be honest, I don't recall doing any name-calling and I've shown your earlier post about this to others and they too don't see any name-calling. So I'm not really sure where that comes in, but right, let's leave it be.

Regarding your other comments on what happens on ebay, last second bidders, sniping programs etc., that, my friend, is part of what sellers who choose to sell on ebay have to put up with and yes, it's often very costly to the seller. I have sold on ebay in the past and still do when I need money quickly, but I almost ALWAYS regret selling on there: I rarely get my investment in a piece back. The fees kill me. And I've lost more money there than I care to talk about. That's why I only use ebay as a place to sell when things are desperate or I'm sitting on too much stock. Ebay buyers are the closest you'll come to garage sale shoppers i.e. looking to get the best for the least they can. It's great for buyers who are looking for a bargain. It's only good for sellers who have massive inventory and a large following. The little guys get lost in the shuffle. Did you know some of the power seller fees are over $1000 or more per month?!!

Sadly, selling on ebay isn't about buyer "ethics" in respect to how and when they bid. That's their prerogative. I hate the last minute bidding too. We all do. It creates a lot of anxiety in the seller. But all that said, good descriptions, accuracy and all the stuff I talked about here and in the previous post are still mandatory wherever one chooses to sell if for no other reason than a buyer can't come back at you if something isn't as described. So if this blog & others like it are to be a learning/teaching tool, I hope some lessons have been learned here about the correct way to list your items for sale. On Ruby Lane, you get flagged for poor descriptions, poor photos, any inaccuracies and even bad spelling and grammar. The standard is very high as RL shoppers have higher expectations and many will not shop on Ebay because they've been burned. Count me among those shoppers. Helping THOSE shoppers shop wisely is just one of the reasons, amongst others, that this blog exists.

Thanks for contributing.