Sunday, November 15, 2009


Haven't had much to write about lately ... or rather, too busy with other things. But today I thought I'd slip over to Ebay to see what's going on there and wow...what a change from a month or two back. The Sherman listings have doubled! And there's only one explanation: Glitter season is here. This is the time of year that all the costume jewelry sellers, including myself, come out to tempt us with their sparkling rhinestone and crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. And of course, that makes sense. Unless you move in circles where attending galas and fancy dress events happen all the time, most of us, at least here in Canada, don't doll up in all that glitzy stuff just to go grocery shopping!

So what have I seen that's worth your time if you're shopping for Sherman? Well THIS SIAM RED SET was one to go for but that auction's over. The vendor started it at $199 and got one bid. I guess someone hoped that was the reserve. No-one else even bothered, probably because being a Siam Red Sherman, we know the vendor would want more than than opening bid. Well it'll be interesting to see if he/she lists it again. My guess is it'll be a "Buy it Now" much like we sell our jewels and Shermans in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE ... and I have some beauties listed there right now for those who don't want to be forced to bid higher than they really want to. But more about my latest later.

Pity I can't post photos of the eBay pieces anymore. Once those auctions are over, the links disappear in a week or two so you won't even know what I was talking about. Oh well...

So here's another really pretty set from a guy who sells lots of Shermans on ebay. I keep wondering where he finds so many lovely pieces. This one is a NECKLACE AND EARRING SET in red clear crystals with siam red navette accents ... a super pretty set. The earrings are gorgeous long danglers,  2" long in fact. Unfortunately only the earrings are signed. But I'd have to agree with the vendor that the necklace and earrings are a set. However, since the necklace isn't signed, this might not go as high as it would otherwise. Could be a good buy for you if you don't mind an "unsigned" Sherman. Auction ends at 2:43 on November 16th. Bidding is at $169 right now.

Now the same vendor has a 3-PIECE PARURE  listed that is unlike any I've seen by Sherman and it's absolutely gorgeous.  You've just got to look at this set. It comes with necklace, bracelet and dangling earrings in a shade that looks like teal and the stones are primarily baguettes. It's just so different. Bidding is already at $188 with 4 days still to go. No surprise there. This one is a keeper. Both necklace and bracelet are signed. Earrings aren't.

Okay, that's enough telling you about other people's Shermans. Now I'd like to suggest you take a look at the one I just listed today in MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE. It too is very different and a real head turner:

When I attended the Christies Antique Show back in September, I came across a Sherman similar to this one and couldn't believe it was a Sherman. I'd never seen a Sherman like this.  That pendant hanging from the set above, and in the one I saw at the show, was such a heavy cluster of Swarovski crystals and the glitter was fantastic. But it was the design that caught my attention. So very different. I didn't buy the one at the show as I had only so much cash on me and had my eye on a ring I'd seen in another booth. I later wondered if I should have purchased the Sherman instead of the ring! So, when I chanced on the one above elsewhere at a later date, I jumped on it. I thought it was the same one but it wasn't. However this one was just as exquisite. I thought it ironic that I should find two so similar Shermans in a short period of time after never seeing one like it before LOL! Anyway, if you haven't seen one like this, please just CLICK HERE NOW and go take a look at this fabulous Sherman set available from my Ruby Lane shop and you don't have to try to win it either!

I currently have a really nice assortment of Shermans in MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE that are just perfect for the glitter season and they are all reasonably priced. Apart from my FAUX ALEXANDRITE set mentioned in my previous post and which comes in an original Sherman box, my current favourite is this glorious necklace below:

What a work of art this one is! I swore off clear crystal Shermans a while back but hey, how can you pass up a spectacular necklace like this one? I had a customer over last night to look at some fine jewelry and after she'd tried on this and that ring, I showed her some of my Shermans. When she saw this one, she gasped! She wasn't familiar with Sherman and had never really tried on vintage costume jewelry. But she just had to put this one around her neck and look at it in the mirror. It was so funny watching her reaction, let alone her fiance who, typical male, said he just considered this kind of thing "junk jewelry". Yeah right! He nearly keeled over when my customer turned to him sweetly and said "Wouldn't this go great with my wedding dress!" How right she is! This Sherman would go well with a wedding dress, or any evening dress where classic designer jewelry by Sherman is the finishing touch. You can read all about it and see more photos of this necklace in MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's been a while since we last had a faux alexandrite set of necklace and earrings by Sherman to share with our readers and customers but this time, we have a real beauty! Just click on that photo to see more pics and in large detail in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

Going by the construction, size of the stones Sherman used for this one, we know we have one of his much earlier sets. As tastes moved toward the finer, less chunky looks in costume jewelry, Sherman too modified his designs. So these days it's really great to find one of these older sets.

Even better, this set comes in its original box, and in that is another giveaway that this is an old Sherman: the later boxes all carried the "Sherman ... jewels of excellence" inside the boxes. Notice, that "jewels of excellence" is missing here but the inscription on that satin inlay is identifiably Sherman. So buying a set like this, in its original box, is a doubly valuable investment. Just the box alone right now would fetch $100!

Shown below is another photo of just the necklace as we subject it to different lighting so you can see the color change that occurs in faux alexandrite stones:

Isn't it brilliant! I'm always in awe of these crystals and get so excited when I find a vintage set, by any designer, with faux alexandrite stones. They're just so rare, and that makes them highly collectible.

It's intriguing to speculate what something like the set above would cost if these were real alexandrites. Quite honestly, most of us could never afford even one of those large stones in the necklace if this were the genuine gemstone. The large stones you see here are 5/8" long by 1/2" wide. That's big. Actually, because the stones in this set are larger, so is the weight of the pieces considerable. The necklace alone weighs over 60 grams!

Below is yet another view of the full set in its mauve color (ie. it changes from blue/green to lavender/mauve).

What a glorious color! By the way, the earrings are large. They run along your ear for 1 3/4" and are 3/4" wide at their widest point. Gorgeous, showy, glitzy but always beautiful Sherman! Buy it now from our SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

By the way, don't know if you watched the auction for this incredible Sherman cuff bracelet shown HERE. What a beauty. It went for over $1900 CAD. Just proves you can't really put a price on Sherman: it's worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well things are constantly changing on ebay these days and unfortunately, one of the things that has changed, to protect the seller I guess, is the way the photos are displayed. I wanted to post a photo for you of one of the beautiful cranberry colored sets currently at auction but I can't. So you'll just have to click THIS LINK and go over and see it for yourself. There's a reserve on this one so it'll be interesting to see how high bidders go to get this set or if they can meet that reserve. I've seen a few fall quite short of the reserves lately, but those reserves have also been very high.

But, in my humble opinion, this cranberry-colored set of bracelet, brooch and earrings is worth going for. The color is gorgeous...fuschia by any other name...and all 3 pieces look to be in good condition. The seller hasn't shown a photo of the entire back of the bracelet (really should as collectors like to see that kind of thing) but stones look clear and bright and design is, typically Sherman, just lovely. The bidding is at $152.50 as I write this and it doesn't end for another 29 hours. So you still have time to jump on this one.

There's also a 1/2" wide red Sherman bracelet finishing in 32 hours that you might like. That's narrow but the color is popular. There is an opening bid of $100 but again, there's a reserve. At this point, there are no bids. This one is signed and also comes with an original hangtag. You can see it at THIS LINK.

Of course, if you prefer to buy your Sherman outright and really know what you're getting, you could go over to our SHOP AT RUBY LANE, where we have up to 9 large photos of just about all our items with very detailed and accurate details. We don't like returns and want our customers to be happy. So though it takes more effort, it's worth going the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy. So you might prefer to pick up the Siam Red, japan-backed bracelet

& earrings shown above from our shop. The bracelet is one of those unsigned Shermans, but definitely a Sherman (see my writeup for explanation) and the earrings, while not an original match, go beautifully with this bracelet and they are signed. I'm receptive to offers too so don't hesitate to make one. Click the photo above or THIS LINK to learn more and make your offer. Given this bracelet is in the most popular color for Sherman collectors, I normally wouldn't consider offers, but since it's unsigned, there's room to move.

While I went through a rough period a while back and started selling off not just my Shermans but other costume jewelry, I've relented. It's just too hard to not buy some of those beautiful pieces! Besides, right after I starting selling it off, I had customers wanting to buy more. So I'm back in the game for now. Keep an eye our OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE and on this blog as I have some wonderful new Shermans to list in time for adding gorgeous glitz to your wardrobe at Christmas. So stay tuned and watch for this fabulous Art Deco necklace below coming soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well if you've been wondering if I'd sold off all my Shermans and gone into hiding, given I haven't posted here for a while, you weren't far off right. I did sell off a lot of my Shermans ... and at ridiculously low prices. But then, something happened. I spotted the gorgeous pink Sherman necklace above and got thinking about the lovely dangling pink Sherman earrings I had that would go so nicely with it, and that ended my vacation from Sherman. How could I resist!

Then, to make things even sweeter, I got doubly lucky: it turned out this necklace was from the estate of an avid Sherman collector who loved pink and she had not one, but two Sherman necklaces! The second necklace is the one shown below: very demure and pretty, more a pendant style.

Of the two, it would appear she wore the large one at the top more often as the rhodium-plate backing is more worn on that piece and almost brand shiny new on the smaller piece. But in both, the stones are brilliantly clear and the same color.

Making my find a triple treat, was the fact that I also scored a pair of signed pink clip-on earrings with the two necklaces, and honestly, I can't guess which one the earrings go with best. So I've put them with the smaller pendant necklace as shown below:

It's very cool that in both sets, the earrings are inter-changeable with both necklaces because the pink color and stone cuts are such a close match. I suppose if someone loves wearing pink Shermans, they could dress up or down by owning both sets and always be "in the pink"!

To learn more about these lovely pink Sherman pieces, see more photos and purchase them for your collection, CLICK the photos of just the necklaces to go to the page at Ruby Lane where they are featured. Or click these links:




I've also got the fabulous 1" wide signed Sherman bracelet shown below listed in MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE too if you're in the market for one of those.

Thanks for reading and staying with me at the SHERMAN JEWELRY BLOG. I'll be back when I have more to share!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


If you hurry, you still have time to bid on these Sherman pieces ending tonight on Ebay. Pictured at the top is a superb deep topaz Swarovski crystal glass bead set, all signed, consisting of 2-row necklace and matching earrings. Bidding starts at $125 and right now there are 12 people watching this one but no-one has yet opened the bidding. Of course, they're all either just other sellers waiting to see what happens ... I do that all the time LOL ... or they are actually buyers hoping to snare a lovely Sherman set at a low dollar by waiting till the last minute. Such fun!

The same vendor is offering the delightful Aurora Borealis, very traditional, glass crystal earrings above. Since she offers combined shipping, this is a good chance to get a couple of pieces for one shipping cost. Bidding has opened on this signed set at $24.95 and there are 9 watchers. Will it go any higher? Who knows! She also has another set of signed Sherman earrings on auction. These are the baguette style, 1" high clip-ons shown below in soft topaz. Bidding starts at $19.95. Several watchers just waiting to grab this set for $19.95. A good deal if they do!

So hurry up and save! With combined shipping thrown in, you're well ahead on adding some nice Shermans to your collection. Good luck!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Glass crystal bead sets by Sherman continue to be ever popular amongst collectors and this 2-piece signed set of earrings and 2-row necklace weighing 125 grams is sure to please. Depending on your screen settings, this set may look black but it's anything but. It's a deliciously warm but deep brown topaz. Perhaps you can see the brown shades better in the closeup of the lovely clasp below:

As you can see, the glass crystals alternate between topaz-washed aurora borealis and clear Swarowski crystals. The glitter is outstanding, especially since the beads are in great condition. When we received this necklace, as it's a very old set, unfortunately one of the strands snapped. I wanted to cry, especially since the set is so beautiful. But my daughter went to work and quickly re-threaded both strands on fresh nylon. Now, whoever buys it will get years of wear from it. You can learn more about this set and purchase it from OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

While you're over there, if you love glass crystal bead sets especially those in siam reds and purples, why don't you take a look at the sensational 3-piece parure by Bergere that we've just relisted. Bergere is another vintage costume jewelry designer whose work and designs remind me very much of Sherman and certainly are as good quality. The set we have is this one:

It's utterly gorgeous and like the Sherman above, very weighty with all those glass crystal beads. The bracelet itself is about 3/4" wide over the two rows, as is the 15" necklace. The earrings are over 1" wide all round. To see and read more about this BERGERE parure, just click the photo above or HERE.

Both the Sherman and the Bergere set are priced to sell but I'm receptive to reasonable offers. So why not slip over and take a closer look. It's worth the effort as these are two wonderful sets of vintage costume jewelry by two top designers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Those who collect Sherman or other famous vintage jewelry designers know that when it comes to "investing" in Sherman and not just "buying" Sherman because you like it, that there's a big difference in what to look for and what you will pay when you find it. Take the honey bee pin shown on the right. It's a Sherman .. no I didn't know he made pins like this either ... and this rare pin recently sold on ebay for $1250. The members of our costume jewelry group were floored. No doubt the vendor was in 7th heaven, especially if he or she picked it up at a yard sale for pennies. Yes, sometimes vendors get lucky and come across a treasure in a box of trash. Not that that happened here. I know nothing about the history of this piece but I thought my readers might like to know what to look for when they're "investing" in Sherman.

As you know if you've been following this blog, I've decided to get out of designer vintage costume jewelry and have been selling off my costume jewelry at cost. I still have some left and invite you to visit my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. I have some Shermans left, along with Alice Caviness, Schiaparelli, Juliana, Kramer, Weiss and others. No reasonable offer will be refused. As long as I cover my cost on the piece, it's yours. So please don't hesitate to make an offer. Several have already taken advantage of my "clearance", including vendors. It's amusing ... almost ... sob ... to see them listing the pieces they purchased from me at a higher price than they paid me and already getting sales on them. But that's the merry-go-round of selling.

On that note, don't be surprised if my postings in this blog become increasingly less frequent. If I'm not selling Sherman any longer, it's pointless to keep two blogs going (my other one is HERE) and it covers both vintage costume and fine jewelry. So if I have something to share with you re Shermans, you'll find it there.

And as I sign off, I have noticed a few interesting pieces at auction on ebay right now that you should consider bidding on for their style and color combinations. You find them at these links:


These obviously go together but the vendor has separated them. You can thank me for the plug later Harry LOL!

This one is also a beauty: There's a reserve on it but certainly worth having a shot at.

New collectors might like to bid on this Sherman lot: Great way to start your Sherman collection.

Gee, I really must ask myself why I do this ie. why am I advertising for others? In business, you pay people to advertise for you. Hmmm... maybe I should think about charging for this LOL!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well tonight's the night I'll be biting my nails and keeping my fingers crossed and dying a thousand deaths between 8 -10pm EST. That's when my auctions for some of my best Sherman pieces finish on eBay, the ones I told you about in my last blog. I'm trying not to worry...too late now anyway as I can't end the auctions. I have lots of watchers ...up to 27 on the faux alexandrite brooch set ... on all the items and all have bids. But none of them, at this time, have met my cost for these pieces! So am I going to lose my shirt on these or will we suddenly see the bidding go bonkers in the last hour or last few seconds? I sure hope so or I stand to lose a lot of my investment in Sherman jewelry :((

In the meantime, this week I was fascinated by the ebay auctions for 3 wide Sherman bracelets. All three were 1 1/4" wide ...NICE! Two of them, those shown at the top of this blog, were being offered by the same seller, and both were clear stones i.e. no color! Now clear Shermans don't usually sell for as high a dollar as colored ones but then, these are wide bracelets and that makes all the difference. Well here's what happened: the wide one on the top left, with the flowery pattern of large stones set into the center of the bracelet, sold for $801 USD. The other one, which came with earrings, but was the more traditional series of rows, fetched $257 USD. WOW! That's a difference of nearly $500!

So what made the one with no earrings so much more valuable than the other, given both were the same length and 1 1/4" wide, and both were clear stones? I can only assume it was that flowery design in the center of the one as opposed to the usual series of rows. Tells you something about what to buy if you're looking at Shermans as investments and not just nice designer vintage jewelry.

The third wide bracelet was the one I liked and would have gone for if I were buying Shermans right now (I'm not!) and it's shown directly below:

This one is also 1 1/4" wide and is a nice mixture of baguette and round stones i.e. not as traditional as the $257 bracelet above and not as different as the other. But what it does have going for it as well is the color: amethyst. I have found amethyst jewelry, whether in real gemstones or in costume jewelry, is really popular. And as I stated above, usually color is more sought after than clear pieces. Well this one went for $380, sort of in the middle between the other two, and most likely for the reasons I stated: color, stone cuts, width etc. Did you bid on any of these? If so, whichever one you liked, being wide bracelets all of them are worth having.

Well that's it for me this week. Wish me luck tonight. I may or may not tell you how I did. I just hope my heart isn't in my stomach when I next write this blog about Shermans. Have a good week everyone!

Monday, June 29, 2009


I've been telling you for weeks now about Shermans being auctioned on eBay by other vendors and now it's my turn. Yes, I've caved in and have listed 9 of my lovely Shermans on that infamous auction site. I must confess: I'm terrified! Doing this could end up costing me a lot of money as I've never been one to acquire my Shermans cheaply i.e. lucky finds in a $20 box of costume jewelry at an estate or garage sale. Every piece of Sherman I own I have paid plenty for but the current market for costume jewelry is very depressed. And like any seller, there comes a time when you just have to unload if you're ever going to acquire new pieces or stay afloat financially. That time has come for me now and it's with trepidation that I offer you the lovely Shermans attached to the links supplied in this blog and on auction at ebay this week, ending on Sunday, July 5th.

The bidding on the fabulous older blue necklace/earring set shown at the top right currently stands at $89.88 and has a huge number of 'watchers'. You always wonder when you're selling on eBay how many of the "watchers" are genuinely interested buyers and how many are other vendors watching to see what you get LOL! I've certainly watched, but not purchased many pieces on ebay. That set above is well worth bidding on given its condition and gorgeous design. A very good set for new collectors to start with. Click the photo to learn more and bid.

If you follow this blog, you've seen the set on the left before. It's one of the most beautiful brooch sets I have and it features those rare and highly desirable faux alexandrite stones that turn this set from blue/green to mauve depending on the light. I've been totally stumped as to why this set hasn't sold from Ruby Lane as it's in exquisite condition and definitely one to add to your Sherman collection. Again, it has a ton of "watchers" at this point but only one bid so far. Don't let this one get away from you. I paid a small fortune for it. Wish me luck. I'd hate to just "give it away" on ebay! Click the photo for more details & to bid.

I know I'll hate myself for this but I've listed another of my faux alexandrites on ebay this week too. It's the incredible necklace shown on the right. What a beauty! 16 1/2" long, it's a combination of large purple and aurora borealis marquise stones and large round cut faux alexandrites that change from pretty blue to purple as the light changes. The rhodium-plate backing is still as shiny as the day it left the factory and the stones have superb glitter and clarity. A real knockout Sherman necklace in one of the most sought after stones. Place your bid by clicking on the photo on the right.

Probably the biggest risk I'm taking listing on ebay is with the Siam red bracelet and earring set shown on the left. Like all siam red Shermans, this one was expensive. Add to that the fact that we're looking at a siam red Sherman bracelet here, and well, again, if you've followed this blog, you know how high Sherman bracelets can go. But those that go so high are the wide cuff bracelets. This isn't one of those but it is 5 rows wide, 11/16" high, and has one of the other identifiable and sought after features in Sherman: japan backing i.e. the backing is black. Now I've coupled this bracelet with earrings but they are not original to the bracelet. The earrings are signed. The bracelet isn't. But the bracelet was acquired from a retired Toronto jeweler who sold lots of Sherman, many with orignal tags but no signature. He purchased his Shermans directly from the Sherman salesman who regularly visited his shop with new items. Without question, this is one of the pieces you should be bidding on this week at ebay. I tried for 2 years to find a Siam red Sherman bracelet I could afford and I still paid a lot for this one. It this doesn't reach my cost, I'll cry! But if you win it, you won't be sorry.

That's just 4 of the Sherman pieces I'm offering on ebay this week. If you slip over to see those, you'll find the others: 2 more bracelets (blue and aurora borealis), a pale topaz navette necklace that is utterly stunning, a pink/fuschia brooch set, and the outstanding aurora borealis swarovski crystal bead set on the right. Take advantage of my weakness in putting these lovely Shermans to auction on ebay. If you win any of my Shermans, you can be sure your are getting exactly what I described so read the descriptions carefully, link through to my Ruby Lane shop to look at the other photos and place your bids! Good luck!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


In my last post, I told you about the milkglass and black bead Sherman that was being auctioned on ebay. Well that auction ended a couple of days back and I nearly fell through the floor when I saw the price it went for? Ready? How's $946.96 sound? Phew! I never would have dreamed it would fetch a dollar like that. Yes, it's unusual but ... well I'm speechless! Were you the winner? I didn't even watch the auction once it got over $400.

And now, in 3 hours or so, the other piece I mentioned in that same blog is finishing. It's the really pretty set with the unique design and it's sitting at $310 as I write. You can check what happened with it later by clicking on THIS LINK.

There was another rather unusual Sherman that went at auction yesterday for $149 (That's around $172 CAD since most Sherman buyers are Canadians) It's the one shown on the left.

I really liked this one and again it was unique in that it's both a brooch and a pendant. Don't think I've ever seen a Sherman brooch that does both.

You must be asking yourself at this point why I keep promoting Shermans for sale by other vendors when I have plenty of my own to sell. Well, I must confess, I'm wondering too and the more I watch what these Shermans are fetching on ebay, the more I think I either need to sell Shermans there or maybe ... run my own rock bottom price sale?

Well before I resort to eBay, that's what I'm doing. In fact, right now in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE, we're running a "SPRING INTO SUMMER SALE" and everything in the shop is open to offers, including all my Shermans! Because of other pressures in my life and domestic scene, I'm on the point of getting out of vintage costume jewelry altogether. So I'm willing to listen to any offer on my Shermans or other vintage jewelry: if what you offer me is at least what I paid for it, I'll accept your offer. How's that sound? I'm not kidding. So what do you have to lose by making me an offer? You won't offend me if you're well below what I paid. That'll just prove I overpaid. Mind you, looking at what those Shermans are selling for on ebay, I have trouble understanding how that happened.

Anyway, bottom line is MAKE ME AN OFFER. If you offer me at least what it cost me to buy that Sherman, it's yours. I'd rather try this than take my chances on ebay. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know why LOL!

So slip over to OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE now and type SHERMAN into our search box. It'll bring up all the Shermans I currently have listed, like the highly collectible Bracelet/earring set shown below. Make me an offer and you might be the happy owner of this knockout set!

NOTE: I have never charged super high prices for any of my Shermans. Many, in fact, are already priced close to cost. But there's room to move on others. So give it a shot and grab yourself a Sherman at a bargain price!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I've been horribly busy on the domestic front these past 2 weeks and have had little time for blogging. I apologize to my followers but home first, business second.

Anyway, I'm stealing a moment to apprise you of some lovely pickings on eBay right now that are worth your attention. I just found the gorgeous set on the right. What a fabulous design! I've not seen a Sherman like this and I predict this one will fetch a very high dollar because of its uniqueness.

However, that said, there is one issue: a missing stone and unfortunately it's in that central drop on the necklace. What a pity. But if you can find a replacement, you're laughing. I'd definitely go for this one if I were able to repair it. Mind you, I wish the seller had stated the color. I can't tell if it's clear Swarovski crystals or light green or aquamarine ... . I'll ask her a question and maybe she'll be able to clear that up for us. Color, as you know, can make a big difference to the final price, but a design like this will still make this an attractive purchase to collectors. Click on the photo to go directly to the auction page and learn more. Finishes June 24th.

The unusual set on the left is already way up there in the bids i.e. it's already at $255 and still has over 3 days to go. The seller tells us it's in excellent condition and the stones are a combination of milk glass, black onyx and dark smoky crystals. Personally, I like milk glass but it has never been a big seller for me. But then, this is a "SHERMAN" and that can make all the difference between liking and not liking milk glass stones. Again, if you want to know more about this one or want to bid on it, just click on the photo on the left to go to the auction page.

I don't know ... do you think I need my head examined for promoting other people's Shermans when I have so many of my own waiting for a buyer? Maybe it's time for me to put my Shermans on Ebay too, though honestly, I hate to do that. It's risky: a seller can end up getting less than she paid when something goes to auction and I've been burned once too often. Alternately, if the piece is really one that collectors want, eBay prices can go sky high. Hmmm.... what to do?

Well while I have you and I'm busy promoting other's wares, I nearly forgot to tell you that I too have a gorgeous set just added to MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE. It's the one shown below:

No, it's design isn't as rare as that one at the top, but this one is in superb condition with no missing stones, all pieces are signed "Sherman", and it's in that color that collectors want: fuschia! Those lovely dangling earrings are also a popular feature. I'm asking $395 USD but I'm always receptive to offers. In fact, I'd be interested in hearing your offers on any of my Shermans and the other designer vintage costume jewelry currently available from MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE. As long as your offer isn't under what I paid for it, I might just accept it. You see, I'd rather sell it to you for less than risk it on eBay. So why not slip over, take a closer look at all my Shermans, and make me an offer I can't refuse? Are you up to the challenge? I'm waiting!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ah ... nice for a change to be able to bring some lovely Sherman necklace and necklace sets to your attention. I think I've had enough of Sherman bracelets for a while. Haven't you?

So this week on eBay, and ending pretty soon, is the stunning golden glass crystal beads sautoir by Sherman shown on the right. I just love this style!
I've also noticed that every time I've had one of these sautoirs for sale in my shop at Ruby Lane, whether it's a Sherman or Weiss or some other vintage designer, they go fast. This is such a popular style of necklace.

The Sherman beauty shown here is 30" long and from what I can tell from the photos, appears to have some clear aurora borealis glass beads alternating with golden or light topaz glass beads. Scattered liberally along the necklace are beautiful filigreed findings that add to the luster. This auction ends at 18:00:41 EDT on June 1st. Of course, whoever wins it will need to find some earrings to go with it. Good luck if you decide to bid.

Now on the left is another one on auction at eBay this week. You've got a little more time with this one but not much as it ends at 21:39:08 EDT on June 2.

Again, this one is really worth going for. For one thing, it's a set. You won't have to try to find matching earrings. Secondly, the color is a fabulous mix of teal and aquamarine. Simply gorgeous! And thirdly, this one has a design element you don't see that often in Sherman jewelry: a triple "flower pot" design complete with frosted crystal leaves. The vendor says this set is in "mint condition". Well take that with a grain of salt ie. vintage jewelry is rarely "mint" unless it's been kept in a box and unworn from the date of purchase ... and maybe that's the case here. If so, then all the more reason to snap it up. Harry, you can thank me later for plugging this one for you :))

The last Sherman necklace set I'm going to tell you about in this post is the one shown below:

You'll find this beauty in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE where I just listed it this week. If you prefer to avoid the frustration of losing out at the last moment with an auction, buying outright from those of us who sell Sherman and offer accurate and honest descriptions is always a smart move for the investor, and in my case, I'm always willing to consider reasonable offers.

The set above is special for several reasons: all three pieces are signed "Sherman"... always important to collectors. Secondly, this set is a rare find: the actual patent number is shown on the earring clips. With a bit of research, you might be able to determine the actual year of manufacture. Thirdly, this set is another one of those with highly sought-after colors: rich deep purple swarovski crystals are played against large faux alexandrite stones that change from blue/green to lavender/mauve as the light changes. Take a close look at the photo-merge here:

This is a merge of two shots of the necklace, showing the faux alexandrite stones in their mauve color (top) and in their blue/green color (bottom). Same necklace; same angle; different lighting.

These factors: the colors in the set, the patent number, all pieces signed, and superb condition for a Sherman, make this a wonderful investment piece for the Sherman collector. Please click on the photos to visit the shop, see more pictures and read more about this one. Then contact me!

Monday, May 25, 2009

SHERMAN BRACELETS ARE "ALL THAT" ON EBAY!'s getting to that point that the only Shermans worth watching on eBay are the bracelets. So much for Sherman bracelets being rare or hard to get! I don't think I can ever remember seeing so many on auction on eBay as I'm seeing now. What's more, Sherman is one of the few vintage designer costume pieces that is selling, and selling consistently i.e. it's rare to see a Sherman not sell on eBay. Correction: they sell if they're being sold in auction format. That means, of course, that the seller takes that huge leap of faith that the Sherman they're selling will at least reach what they invested or what the piece should be worth. And from my observations, the one thing that seems to do that consistently, are Sherman bracelets.

So if you're in the market for a Sherman bracelet, you might like the two I'm showing in this blog post. Both are very much worth buying. The one shown at the top is that lovely design you don't come across all that often. It's in warm amber and champagne tones and is 2 1/2" wide. Highly desirable. But wait! There's more: this auction isn't just for the bracelet: this is an entire 3-piece parure consisting of bracelet, earrings and necklace. WOW! This is one you should go for. It finishes May 26th and right now there are only 3 bidders but watch that change in the last few minutes. Bidding is already at $501.69. If it were to stop there, the buyer is a real winner as that would be a bargain for this set. I'll be watching for sure. Here's a photo of the full parure:

The other Sherman bracelet worth watching and possibly going for is the one below. It's another of those highly sought after cuff bracelets in those highly sought after colors: pink and fuschia. This one's a real beauty: it's 1 3/4" wide and 7" long and according to the seller, in great condition. But now, this'll really be interesting. You see, the seller in the parure above, started the auction at $9.99 USD and in only one bid, it shot up to $350. Two bids later, it was at its current price. In the case of the gorgeous fuschia cuff bracelet below,

the seller is starting the auction at $599 USD. That's possibly all the seller will get given the resistance ebay buyers seem to have to auctions that start high. (I tested that this past week by listing my gorgeous faux alexandrite brooch set on ebay starting at what I paid for it ie. $149 USD. It didn't sell. But I've seen similar sets go for more dollars when the auction started at a low figure. Yes, I was too afraid of getting less than I paid. Happens to me too often on ebay LOL!)

But speaking of that, I am open to offers on that faux alexandrite set if you're interested. Check it out HERE. As long as your offer covers my cost and shipping to you, it's yours. For that matter, you can do the same on all my Shermans right now while I'm in the mood to get out of this crazy business of selling vintage costume jewelry.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I took a bit of a beating in the comments left on my previous post but despite what folks said, I stand firm on my belief that when you're selling anything, whether it's Sherman or a car, descriptions need to be accurate, especially if the price tag is high. Buyers want to know what they're buying is a good investment, and jewelry by Sherman is a good investment, especially if the piece is in top condition, has no loose or replaced stones, is signed, is in a high-demand color etc etc.

So it's nice to find a lovely piece like the necklace shown on the right which is currently at auction on ebay and ends in about 8 hours from now. I'll most definitely be watching this one, especially since it has a reserve. At this time, bidding has reached $132.49. Will they crack that reserve?

In my opinion, this a gorgeous necklace, primarily because of its unusual design: you don't see ones like this everywhere. And thankfully, the seller has done a good job telling us what we want to know about it. Here's their description:

"Absolutely stunning SIGNED SHERMAN necklace. Made of the Aurora Borealis rhinestones. Perfect condition. I have shown some pictures using a flash and others without. Measures 17" in total. 10" on one side and 7" on the other (from the middle of the front). All stones are shiney (sp) and accounted for. Each of the 2 halves in the front measure 2" long by 1" thick."

This description, though short, tells the buyer exactly what they need to know and lets the buyer make an informed decision to bid or not.

Those of you in the market for one of those sought-after wide bracelets might like to go for this one on the left. It finishes on the evening of May 19th. This is a good-looking bracelet and according to the description provided by the seller, it's a "Sherman Signed Bracelet 5 rows great condition. All stones are great. Measures 17" by 1". I've purchased Sherman from this seller in the past and I know her descriptions are accurate. Don't be afraid to go for this one. Right now, bidding is at $148.49 USD. Since it's aurora borealis and not one of the "hot" Sherman colours, you might get this one at a reasonable price.

I've found one more Sherman ending on ebay this week that is really something else. It's the one shown on the left. How different is that?! It's not what we usually think of when we think Sherman but I'm going to guess this one will fetch a good dollar because it's so unique. Again, it's signed, always a plus when a buyer is unsure. It's being offered by the same seller who is selling that bracelet just above. So perhaps if you're lucky and win both, she might be able to combine shipping for you. Do ask before you bid. Here's what she's telling us about this one:

"SHERMAN Pearl RARE Necklace Signed Sherman on the back of the clasp. Excellent condition. Measures 22" Long and the center piece is Mother of Pearl polished and exquisite. The clasp exhibits the coil wire finishing to the strand at the clasp. There are cobalt blue beads between all the 8mm faux pearls. Very Princess like and feminine."

I might be tempted to go for this one myself because it's so unique. One way or the other, I'll be watching. It ends on the evening of May 20th. That seller, by the way, has quite a few other Sherman pieces up for grabs, so you might like to check "Sellers Other Items".

Speaking of bracelets, and while I'm busy promoting other sellers' items, I nearly forgot that I've also just listed the lovely wide signed Sherman bracelet shown below at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE and in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. The full description along with several views of the bracelet from different angles is available in the RUBY LANE listing.

Since my detractors accuse me of "yapping" too much, I won't say anything about my own piece but just click the photo or the links above so you can read all about it and see more photos.

Cheers and happy buying and bidding!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Okay, in my last post I raved on a bit about the incredibly high prices being asked and being paid for Sherman jewelry lately, especially when the jewelry is a bracelet. I also suggested that just maybe sellers are getting a bit greedy and trying to capitalize on this rush to acquire Shermans. I need to make one thing clear in case any of my fellow associates thought I was pointing a finger at them: I wasn't. I know, one in particular, is selling off an estate on consignment. So her prices are what the person she is selling for wants to get. That's just fine by me. And let me just add, that both the seller and owner are doing fantastically with their sales. This owner certainly has a collection to die for.

So now that's out of the way, let me address the rest: the ones I believe are jumping on the band wagon and looking to score bigtime, like the person selling the bracelet shown in the photo above. It's a gorgeous bracelet, and Sherman bracelets being as hard to get as they are, most of us would jump at this one, especially since it's 6-row piece and hence wide, even more desirable.

But, and it's a big BUT, this seller has simply shown a few small photos and in his/her description states nothing more than "I'll let the pictures do the talking". Well, for starters, if the photos were terrific, like the ones in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE, where you see 9 photos of a piece from various angles, front and back, and super close-up, the pictures might indeed do the talking. But even then, a seller asking a lot for a piece owes the buyers a bit more than just good photos. They need to really tell the buyer about the piece and disclose any issues that might impact on the purchaser's decision to buy.

So what might have happened here if a buyer hadn't asked a few questions? Someone might just have paid the starting price of $4000!! Yes, you read right: this seller is asking $4000 for this bracelet! So, big deal you say: folks are paying in the thousands now for Sherman bracelets. Yeah, sure they are for those rare as hen's teeth rigid cuff bracelets in popular colors (such as my aforementioned colleague is selling!) But not for the very much more common regular blue Sherman bracelets. Those go for between $200 - $300!

But there's more. When an interested buyer asked this seller for more information i.e. how about some dimensions, e.g. width, length, any missing stones etc. that's when we found out what the pictures didn't tell us: there are 4 small stones missing, 2 on either side. 'Scuse me? You're asking $4000 for a Sherman bracelet with missing stones yet? Did I say something about sellers becoming greedy? How about being dishonest too. Yes, he/she answered the question and thankfully posted the reply, but not disclosing that information to start with is just a tad deceitful don't you agree? Just imagine the disappointment and anger a buyer would feel if they were foolish enough to pay the opening price only to find missing stones! ARRRRGGGHHH! That kind of thing makes me mad and it happens far too often when folks don't make informed purchases and don't query the seller.

In this case, there's one more thing that most of us who do shop on ebay would look at besides the price and the item: the seller's feedback. Guess what? This seller has ZERO feedback! Again, sure, all sellers start with zero feedback if they've never bought or sold on ebay before (though most buy up for a while to establish their good reputations). But when you look at this seller's other listings (there are only 4 of them), three of them have thousand dollar price-tags. Now this seller could be 100% honest and well-intended, but all their descriptions are one-liners with little information and big asking prices. Methinks this seller needs some basic training in how to sell honestly and well before some angry ebay buyer comes down on him/her like a ton of bricks. Of course, odds are he/she won't sell anything either. Buyers are leery of new sellers asking massive dollars.

That's my rant for this week ... except to remind you where you can find Sherman jewelry at affordable prices from an honest seller: SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE and VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE at RUBY LANE.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay, shoot me down if you like but I'm getting ticked off with what's happening with Sherman. Has everyone gone mad? In my last blog, I was incredulous seeing that gorgeous purple/pink cuff bracelet go for $2700 when the seller was asking $3500. I suppose the buyer figured they got a good deal. $2700! Let me think what I could buy with $2700? A used car? A vacation? A cruise? Groceries for our family of 4 for the next 9 weeks? I don't know about you but for me, that's a horrific amount of money for, well, what is essentially, second-hand jewelry that isn't even real gemstones! Oh I can hear the collectors and sellers groaning. I'm sorry but hey, this is my blog and I can think and say what I like. I just see it getting harder and harder to buy Sherman that I can afford and that those who buy from me can afford. So what's that got to do with the cuff bracelet shown above? Oh, that's another one that sold on eBay recently. This one went to auction ie.. not a "buy it now". Bidding started at 99 cents. There were 10 bidders. The winner paid won it for a mere $2485 USD. Ay yay yay!

Well if you're still in the market for a cuff bracelet and figures like that don't send you into a spin, here's one going on eBay now. Click the photo to go directly to the auction. It ends on May 4th. What's interesting with this one is the seller originally listed it with a BIN of over $3000. I guess he was excited after seeing what those others went for. But he's taken his asking price down now. You can BUY IT NOW if you like for only $1999.00 USD. Great price if you consider what the others went for. But wait! He wants offers. He's had two but he hasn't accepted them. So what does he want? It's very pretty and comes with matching earrings that aren't signed but look a good match. It's not the most in demand color, but it is the desired width i.e
1 1/2". So what's the problem? Well, according to his description, there's a stone missing. The safety chain is also missing. Maybe that's why the offers aren't what he'd like. Collectors don't like missing parts in their Shermans. It's not easy to replace vintage stones i.e to find the right color and shape to fit the space. And yes, you can get another safety chain. More money out to pay for repairs.

All of which brings me back to the headline for this blog: what is happening here? I almost feel like there's some kind of craze going on with Shermans, and it's creating greed: greed in the sellers asking super high prices and buyers fearful of missing out, are paying more and more. As a result, prices are being inflated. I see many lovely pieces on eBay being offered as Buy It Now's and also not selling because the seller's price is just too high. Or the reserve is too high.

I, for one, am feeling this is getting out of control. I, for two, am baulking at paying prices like this for Sherman or any designer vintage jewelry. Oh sure, there are those who can and always will be able to afford this kind of extravagance. But I'm not one of them. If this Sherman blog disappears in the future, you'll know why: I simply got tired of paying too much for my Shermans and then not being able to re-coup that investment when it came time to sell it. Until then though, those who are looking for affordable Sherman jewellery, know where to find me. I've got some lovely new pieces in OUR RUBY LANE SHOP now and also in my SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE. We're running a Mother's Day Sale in the Ruby Lane shop and some of the Shermans are marked down to almost what I paid. Slip over and take a look...and pick up a real bargain! In the meantime, I'll save that $2000 or $3000 for my next holiday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I never cease to be amazed both by what buyers will pay for Sherman jewelry, and conversely, what sellers think they should get for Sherman jewelry. Sometimes the two are miles apart!

Take that magnificent cuff bracelet shown here. This one was listed as a "BUY IT NOW or Make and Offer"on Ebay for $3500. To my shock, it sold less than 2 days to that buyer who's buying up all the rare Shermans on ebay for an offer of $2700. Now granted, if you have no holds on your budget, I guess you can spend that much on one piece of Sherman and yes, Sherman cuff bracelets are the be all and end all for savvy investors in Sherman. But gee, $2700?! I'd baulk at paying that for a 22k gold 2 carat diamond necklace! Come to think of it, I could probably buy that fine jewelry for less!

Getting prices like this for Sherman, on ebay yet, is unquestionably pushing the prices of Sherman higher and higher. Honestly, Sherman should be spelled $herman these days! I can't help but wonder if what's happening here could possibly go the way Oil and other things went last year i.e. it caused a balloon and suddenly it burst. Personally, I'd be rather cautious of possibly paying too much. "What goes up, must come down" as the song says.

But now, to return to my opening statements i.e. what buyers will pay and what sellers ask can be miles apart. Take this example: shown on the left is one very lovely Sherman set that failed to sell on ebay last week. It's gorgeous. What happened?

I thought it was exquisite: beautiful, unique design; a 3-piece parure yet and the bidding got to $271 USD and stopped dead. The seller had a reserve on it, which does often stop buyers. But I think buyers only stop if they can't see paying more for the piece than the most they feel it's worth. It's just like selling a house: you might think it's worth far more than the market does. So it sits there forever with the vendor sticking to his price and no-one buying. This sure can happen with Sherman too. I've watched one on ebay that I've mentioned elsewhere in this blog. It's been listed 3 times now and hasn't sold yet. It's lovely; the colours are desirable; the design is different and the condition superb. Why hasn't anyone bought it yet? Obviously what the seller thinks it's worth and what the buyer is prepared to pay are miles apart.

So, of course, as both a buyer and a seller, I'm always battling the dilemma of "to buy or not to buy". If I come across a piece that I know is a steal, I don't hesitate. But when the dollar is way up there, I have to weigh up that decision pretty carefully. If I spend $250 buying a piece of Sherman, will someone else pay me more ... or heaven forbid ... less when it's time to sell it? I often waffle back and forth, looking at piece, reading the description over and over if it's online, and being so hesitant to make the decision that I've walked away more often than I've bought. Actually when I think of it, that's a bit for a rule for me: if I take 48 hours to decide and still can't decide, I walk away.

I'm the same with buying a dress: if there's something that just isn't making me feel "I've got to have this", I walk away. Most of the time, I'm glad I made that decision. But it's different with a dress or anything you can buy in a retail outlet where you can try it on, touch it, turn it and see if it feels right all the way. Buying online can be very difficult. All you have is photos and a description and the hope that the seller is being honest and accurate. And unfortunately, not many sellers are honest and accurate about what they're selling.

Well time to wrap this up but not without quoting what one of my regular Sherman buyers once wrote to me. She said the reasons she buys so much Sherman from me are:

1) fabulously good photos showing all sides of the item 2) my willingness to disclose the exact condition of the item even if it's not the best ie. wear to the plate backing, damaged or cloudy stones, accurate details re lengths etc 3) my prices are in line with the desirability of the piece ie. rare or common color? signed or not signed? excellent or mediocre condition; single piece, demi or parure?

All of those factors are important when buying Sherman or any designer vintage jewelry, especially if you're buying online. She who hesitates too long might lose out but conversely, jumping in when you're not sure isn't wise either. The adage is true: asking questions is a sign of intelligence. So ask questions, clarify details, and make sure the item is within your budget before you invest in your next piece of Sherman.

We are always adding "new" affordable Shermans to our shelves in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE, and our site at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE. So bookmark those sites and check them often. Coming to our shop soon ... the gorgeous set shown below in citrine and topaz!