Friday, November 28, 2008


Have you been trying to find one of those extra-wide Sherman bracelets that are so hard to find? I sure have! I've been looking for over a year, watching and losing ebay auctions, searching websites and feeling defeated because the prices were always more than I could afford, and ultimately giving up on the idea that I'd ever acquire one of the "biggies". Then I found this one! It still cost me a pretty penny but at least I didn't have to pay in US dollars as is usually the case on ebay, and with the huge difference in the US and Canadian dollar, well quite honestly buying Sherman on ebay is becoming more expensive than ever! But more about that below...

If you follow this blog, you've seen me refer to Valerie Hammond, author of "All That Glitters" on several occasions. Valerie states that Sherman bracelets were not made in the same abundance as his other pieces of jewelry. If that is so, then all Sherman bracelets are highly collectible, regardless of color (nice for a change!). But then, even more collectible are the wide Sherman bracelets like this one.

This "Jewel of Excellence" by Sherman features the hidden clasp (as shown on the left), and is a full 1 1/4" wide. It's comprised of 7 rows of glittering Swarovski crystals: 3 rows of aurora borealis marquise cuts alternate with smoke grey or charcoal round-cut stones. It's a marvellous piece of work and looks just fabulous despite a good deal of wear to the AB wash on those marquise stones. The glitter is still totally incredible.

Any by the way, dare I tell you that this signed Sherman wide bracelet also weighs over 55 grams! Yes, you'll definitely notice it when you're wearing it and so will everyone else!

This extra-wide Sherman bracelet is available in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE now and if you order before December 15th, you'll get it in time to wear at Christmas or on New Year's Eve. Just click the photos above to go there now.

Speaking of purchasing Sherman jewelry, whether on ebay or on private sites like SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE or OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE, I'm often asked why I don't list my Shermans in Canadian dollars since most buyers of Sherman are Canadian. By way of explanation, in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE, we cannot list in 2 currencies. We have to choose either the US or Canadian dollar for all items at once. Since the majority of our buyers are American and we also have buyers from around the world, it's easier for most of our buyers to work in US dollars. From a personal viewpoint, I'm often quite uncomfortable when one of my Sherman buyers needs me to give them the price in Canadian dollars: it seems so much higher. But if you are going to shop online, I think it's something you have to live with while currencies are so out of line with each other. I know... I hate it too when I buy items in US dollars. It can be brutal.

But I bring this up now for those buying Sherman on eBay. It's a favourite place for collectors to buy Sherman but as you bid higher and higher, unless the seller has listed that item in Canadian dollars, you need to keep the exchange in mind. This past week I saw a Siam red set of bracelet, earrings and brooch go for just over $900 US on ebay. But when you do the maths, that was well over $1100 CAD!! That might not matter just now, but if you ever decide to sell that Sherman and the currencies have come closer together as they were some months back, you might not be able to get the same money in Canadian dollars that you paid now. At least, when you buy your Sherman from a non-auction seller, such as OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE, at least you're not being bumped higher and higher and just maybe too high in the long run. Think about it!

Why not slip over and see that bracelet above now. It most likely will cost you much more on ebay. And while you're there, take a look at some of the other gorgeous Shermans we carry.

"Black Friday" is over and "Cyber Monday" is just ahead. We're ready for you to visit us on Cyber Monday, December 1st, and everyday after until your Christmas shopping is done: we're listening to your offers, on Shermans and other items. So come visit and make an offer now!