Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay, I just have to tell you about this one as it relates directly to my last post HERE. I wrote that post within an hour or so of uploading that delicious red crystal bead parure to my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. Then I went to cook dinner, watched America's Got Talent (love that show!) and came back online to check my email. To my shock and joy, I'd already made a sale on that red parure! We're talking a space of about 4 hours here. Doesn't that prove what I've been saying all along: when it comes to collecting Sherman jewelry, red is one hot color! Drives me crazy in a way because I no sooner get one of the popular colors and it's gone. But that's what you want in sales, so who's complaining? Not me.

I tried to win another red Sherman necklace on ebay about an hour ago. I needed that one to complete a set of Siam red Sherman earrings that I have. Well I missed it. Even though I bid over $150 US for the necklace, I still missed it. I'm really getting the impression that prices for Sherman are climbing higher and higher these days and the closer we get to Christmas, the worse it is. Makes me think the time to buy Sherman when it's on Ebay is definitely not now! You're going to pay a lot more than you will say, in April!

Say, it's funny how the Sherman buying and selling goes round and round. I was checking ebay today to see what new listings there are for Sherman and guess what I found: a gorgeous purple set that I sold to a lady last year. Yep! She's listed it and there are already 2 bids on it. It's now sitting at $260US and she started the bidding at $9.50! Oh, you want to know where it is? Here's the LINK. Should you go for it? Yes ... because it's purple, it's a 3-piece set, it's in mint condition and it comes in a box. Gosh, I'd buy it myself but I know I'd end up paying more than I sold it to her since Shermans are getting such big dollars right now. By the way, her photos aren't all that good so if you want to take a better look at it, visit my SOLDS page at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE. You'll find it on there. It's photo #2. Cheers!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Well this past week I really got an education about Sherman jewelry ... or rather about the prices I'm asking for Shermans on my site at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE and in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. Seems I'm selling my Shermans to the public at dealer prices! Some business-woman, aren't I LOL!

Why do I say that? Well here's what happened. I had a lady who is a Sherman seller contact me about one of my pieces. I usually groan when they email me because invariably they want me to really drop the price on a piece for them so that they can take it and sell it at a profit. Well sure. After all, we sell to make some profit right?

So I replied with the usual explanation ie. I mark up my Shermans so little that I can't afford to give dealers special prices. Well lo and behold she came back and offered me only $10 less than I was asking on one piece. I was floored ... and I accepted. Then, it got even better. She asked about two other pieces. I gave her my bottom figures. On one of them, she said I'll pay you $10 more than you've asked! Huh? I thought I hadn't heard right. On the other, she offered again to pay only $10 less than I was asking ... that's $10 less than I'd sell it to you for! I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe a Sherman dealer would pay me fair value for my items.

We agreed to meet and make the exchange at the annual Christies Antique Show on Saturday. She was there selling her Shermans and other vintage jewelry. So were many other vendors selling Shermans. That's when the second part of my education came: there were vendors selling Shermans for 2-3 times what I ask ... and buyers were buying! I had to ask myself what on earth am I doing selling my Shermans for so little? Of course there is an explanation: I sell online. I don't do shows so I don't get to dazzle people with my gorgeous Shermans. There's nothing quite like seeing the actual item twinkling and glittering away under the sun or under lights. Even though I have superb photos, there's no match for seeing the real thing with your own eyes.

And of course, there's more explanations: my buyers come from around the world ... the online world. They come from varying economic backgrounds. They don't necessarily live in the ritzy areas of Toronto, Canada (e.g. Bayview, Rosedale) where buyers expect to and will pay huge prices for Shermans. Since I don't do shows in those areas, those buyers don't buy my items. But the dealers who sell to them would! HA! They will then take that piece, mark it up 2-3 times and walk away smiling.

So where does that leave me? Well it's got me thinking about my website at Sherman Jewellery Showcase for one thing. If my prices are that low, then maybe I should promote my site for what it is : a chance for you to purchase Sherman jewelry at dealer prices! Eureka. I think I'm onto something.

By the way, if you don't believe I'm selling my stuff too cheaply, please visit THIS SITE. When you're there, click on "SHOP" and then scroll down to "Sherman". Take a look at the prices this famous seller is asking and getting for her Shermans and compare those to my prices. What an eye-opener! I've just purchased her book. I need to learn more about all this stuff LOL!

Well, while I have you, I've got to tell you about that fabulous Sherman shown at the top of this post. It's my latest acquisition and I'm thrilled to have it. What a gorgeous Sherman red crystal bead demi-parure this is! It's in fantastic condition. All pieces are signed and just look at that color! The red aurora borealis Austrian crystals are superb. I'm offering it at $395. Now I wonder, if I were one of those other Sherman dealers I saw at the Antique show what I'd sell it for? Most of the items I saw at one stall started at $200 for a single brooch. One 3-piece set was $995!! What on earth am I doing selling my Shermans at dealer prices???!!!