Thursday, August 28, 2008


Have you been watching any Sherman on eBay lately? I have. I put watches on everything to see what the items will go for, and lately, they're going for higher and higher dollars. I just had a customer call this morning asking about unsigned vintage rhinestone jewelry and was explaining to him what difference a signature, like Sherman or Schreiner or Weiss can make to the value of a piece. He was amazed and said from now on he and his wife will be looking for signatures on everything. Wise idea.

But I digress. I watched that fabulous blue Sherman set shown on the right go on Ebay yesterday for $330 US ie. $345 CAD. I'm not suprised. Just look at that design. It's exquisite. And now, there's a similar one being offered on eBay by a colleague. She's had 5 offers so far but none have been accepted. She's asking $499 US but what makes hers even more desirable is again, the color: it's fuschia! It's that gorgeous piece shown
on the left, and if you click the photo, you can go straight to her page on eBay and make her an offer. This is one definitely worth buying and adding to your Sherman collection.

Now if you've got the money to afford pieces like these, then more power to you. But if you don't and you still want to collect Sherman, you might visit my site at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE where I have very reasonably priced Sherman necklaces, sets, brooches and bracelets.

In fact, I've just added the dazzling Sherman Aurora Borealis necklace shown below that rivals the others in this post for its beauty. I've called it a "waterfall" design because of the way the drop cascades down. This one shimmers with gorgeous colors of red, green, blue, olive and yellow. Except for missing the long extender that you usually get on a Sherman necklace so you can adjust it to fit all necks, this one is in beautiful condition. The Aurora Borealis coating on the stones is still excellent and the gold-plate backing shows little wear. I'm offering this beauty for the very reasonable price of only $150 US and that includes insured shipping. Click on the photo to read all the details. You'll also find it in my RUBY LANE SHOP with several other views.

Bottom line: investing in Sherman jewelry doesn't have to cost you the earth if you take time to search the net, watch items on ebay, visit flea markets and garage sales or buy from reputable, honest and reasonable sellers like myself who know we all love this stuff but we can't all afford to pay a fortune for it!