Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, did you miss bidding on this beauty on ebay recently? I had put a watch on it and even entertained the thought of bidding. That was when it was sitting on around $200. Of course, I knew it wouldn't stop there. Sherman sets that have just 2 pieces are in demand. But when you get a Sherman set like this one, with all four pieces matching, in superb condition, and all signed, well you up the ante bigtime. Then when the set is one of the rare color combinations that everyone wants, the value goes up again. I'd read about the multi-colored Shermans being enormously popular and highly collectible but hadn't come across one ... until this one.

So I dreamed of winning it. Ha! Yeah right. The bidding was fierce. I bailed when it hit $700 and just sat back and watched. Final dollar for this set? $1636.00 US!! Well it was fun dreaming....

Next time one like this comes up for grabs, I'll try to let you know early so you can get in there and bid - if you can afford it! I can see that seller smiling from ear to ear right now :))

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Tonight I'm really excited to tell you all about one of my most recent Sherman acquisitions. It's a stunning faceted black crystal bead necklace that I've combined with a pair of japan-backed black beaded dangling earrings ... and what a set these make together!

The reason I'm so excited about this set is that it's darn hard to get a great black set of Sherman. I've been looking for one ever since I found one at an auction that was in my possession for less than a week. You can see that one HERE. It was totally awesome, so awesome that when a friend came to visit, before I knew it she'd begged to buy it. We had only just taken photos of it and I never even got them up on my site!

So I've been looking for another interestingly styled black Sherman ever since and was thrilled when I found the one in the photo above. Then I went on the scrounge for earrings to wear with it. Lady Luck must have been smiling on me because I located that fabulous pair of dangling earrings quite quickly. They were just begging to be put with my necklace LOL!

Now black beads may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there are some people who are willing to spend a big dollar on Black crystal beads by Sherman: the set on the right just sold for $510 on eBay! I couldn't believe my eyes! Maybe it was the fact that this is a "collar" or "bib" designed Sherman and not just that it was black. Regardless, that's one of the highest bids I've seen for any colored Sherman on Ebay.

I've generally found that black Shermans sell well on eBay but you don't come across them very often. That means they are scarce. Well, now you have a chance to pick up the gorgeous set in the top photo from my SHOP at RUBY LANE and guess what? It won't cost you anywhere near $510!

Please click the top photo to see more views and read more about my gorgeous Black crystal bead Sherman.