Wednesday, July 16, 2008


"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ... " So goes the adage so often heard in relation to a bride's wedding day attire. Well not every bride has access to, or even wants to wear her mom's wedding dress or her grandmother's gown, but today's bride can still easily add "something old" when it comes to her jewelry. And beautiful sets by vintage designer, Gustave Sherman, can be the perfect finishing touch!

Consider the exquisite Art Deco set by Sherman pictured above. We call it "Sherman Diamonds" because of its incredible sparkle that rivals real diamonds. Sherman's use of brilliantly clear Swarovski crystals in a fabulous design guarantee all eyes will be on the bride. The matching earrings are clip ons that will catch the light regardless of how she wears her hair.

And there's another reason why a bride should opt for a set like this as opposed to the glittery stuff found in so many of the stores: those are often vintage reproductions whose rhinestones don't even come close to the quality of the stones in a set like this one. And the mass-produced jewelry of today rarely matches the quality of workmanship in a Sherman. Nor will it last as long. Consider that the gorgeous set shown here is probably 40-60 years old, but still looks new. Most of today's jewelry will never last that long because of the workmanship, unless of course, you buy a very high end item in a high end store. For most of today's brides, spending a fortune on her jewelry isn't an option.

Most importantly, when a bride chooses a signed vintage set by a designer like Sherman, she's making an investment. 50 years from now she can pass it on to her daughter and, as long as it's been looked after, it will be worth even more than it is now.

You can see more views of this beautiful set by clicking on the photo above. It's available via our site at SHERMAN JEWELRY SHOWCASE and through our SHOP at RUBY LANE . You'll find more Shermans suitable for a bride on both sites, some with color if you want "something blue" and some other elegant ones with simpler designs like the one below: