Friday, September 19, 2008


If you've been following this blog, you will remember me telling you in my last post about the fastest Sherman sale I've ever had. It was for a stunning red crystal bead 3-piece parure. Well this time, I'd like to share with you a very similar set but it's not made by Sherman. This one comes to us courtesy of one of Sherman's main competitors, CONTINENTAL. This company manufactured its jewelry in Montreal from1947 - 1997 and produced some of the most gorgeous vintage jewelry of a quality to rival Sherman and many of the famous vintage designers. Yet, so little information seems to be available on Continental. I've scoured my many books and poked around on the net and really can't find much at all. It's strange given that there is quite a lot of Continental jewelry available on eBay and independent jewelry sites.

So that's one of the reasons I wanted to draw your attention to this fabulous set that I have just listed in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. Yes, we all love and covet Sherman jewelry, but we can't always afford it. Well I'm going to tell you now, having owned both that killer red Sherman and now this royal blue Continental, that I thought I'd come across another Sherman when I found this at the Christies' Antique Show a couple of weeks back. That's how favourably it compares to a Sherman in its workmanship and quality. You can read the full details about this set by clicking on the photo above but I want to assure you that if you were to add this beauty to your vintage jewelry collection, you'd be making a smart move. Not only will it look gorgeous when you're out on the town, especially now with the festive season not all that far off, but I truly believe that in time, Continental jewelry will be placed on the vintage pedestal to stand alongside Sherman. It belongs there. Do a search for Continental jewelry and see what lovely pieces you'll find. You'll think they're Shermans, just as I did when I first saw this one.

And here's one really nice thing about this set: you can buy it for 1/3 of what I was charging for that red Sherman set. You see, Continental is still relatively affordable. Why not slip over to my RUBY LANE SHOP now and take a closer look at the other great photos of this royal blue set that's fit for a queen!

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