Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay, I just have to tell you about this one as it relates directly to my last post HERE. I wrote that post within an hour or so of uploading that delicious red crystal bead parure to my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. Then I went to cook dinner, watched America's Got Talent (love that show!) and came back online to check my email. To my shock and joy, I'd already made a sale on that red parure! We're talking a space of about 4 hours here. Doesn't that prove what I've been saying all along: when it comes to collecting Sherman jewelry, red is one hot color! Drives me crazy in a way because I no sooner get one of the popular colors and it's gone. But that's what you want in sales, so who's complaining? Not me.

I tried to win another red Sherman necklace on ebay about an hour ago. I needed that one to complete a set of Siam red Sherman earrings that I have. Well I missed it. Even though I bid over $150 US for the necklace, I still missed it. I'm really getting the impression that prices for Sherman are climbing higher and higher these days and the closer we get to Christmas, the worse it is. Makes me think the time to buy Sherman when it's on Ebay is definitely not now! You're going to pay a lot more than you will say, in April!

Say, it's funny how the Sherman buying and selling goes round and round. I was checking ebay today to see what new listings there are for Sherman and guess what I found: a gorgeous purple set that I sold to a lady last year. Yep! She's listed it and there are already 2 bids on it. It's now sitting at $260US and she started the bidding at $9.50! Oh, you want to know where it is? Here's the LINK. Should you go for it? Yes ... because it's purple, it's a 3-piece set, it's in mint condition and it comes in a box. Gosh, I'd buy it myself but I know I'd end up paying more than I sold it to her since Shermans are getting such big dollars right now. By the way, her photos aren't all that good so if you want to take a better look at it, visit my SOLDS page at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE. You'll find it on there. It's photo #2. Cheers!

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