Monday, September 8, 2008


Well this past week I really got an education about Sherman jewelry ... or rather about the prices I'm asking for Shermans on my site at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE and in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. Seems I'm selling my Shermans to the public at dealer prices! Some business-woman, aren't I LOL!

Why do I say that? Well here's what happened. I had a lady who is a Sherman seller contact me about one of my pieces. I usually groan when they email me because invariably they want me to really drop the price on a piece for them so that they can take it and sell it at a profit. Well sure. After all, we sell to make some profit right?

So I replied with the usual explanation ie. I mark up my Shermans so little that I can't afford to give dealers special prices. Well lo and behold she came back and offered me only $10 less than I was asking on one piece. I was floored ... and I accepted. Then, it got even better. She asked about two other pieces. I gave her my bottom figures. On one of them, she said I'll pay you $10 more than you've asked! Huh? I thought I hadn't heard right. On the other, she offered again to pay only $10 less than I was asking ... that's $10 less than I'd sell it to you for! I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe a Sherman dealer would pay me fair value for my items.

We agreed to meet and make the exchange at the annual Christies Antique Show on Saturday. She was there selling her Shermans and other vintage jewelry. So were many other vendors selling Shermans. That's when the second part of my education came: there were vendors selling Shermans for 2-3 times what I ask ... and buyers were buying! I had to ask myself what on earth am I doing selling my Shermans for so little? Of course there is an explanation: I sell online. I don't do shows so I don't get to dazzle people with my gorgeous Shermans. There's nothing quite like seeing the actual item twinkling and glittering away under the sun or under lights. Even though I have superb photos, there's no match for seeing the real thing with your own eyes.

And of course, there's more explanations: my buyers come from around the world ... the online world. They come from varying economic backgrounds. They don't necessarily live in the ritzy areas of Toronto, Canada (e.g. Bayview, Rosedale) where buyers expect to and will pay huge prices for Shermans. Since I don't do shows in those areas, those buyers don't buy my items. But the dealers who sell to them would! HA! They will then take that piece, mark it up 2-3 times and walk away smiling.

So where does that leave me? Well it's got me thinking about my website at Sherman Jewellery Showcase for one thing. If my prices are that low, then maybe I should promote my site for what it is : a chance for you to purchase Sherman jewelry at dealer prices! Eureka. I think I'm onto something.

By the way, if you don't believe I'm selling my stuff too cheaply, please visit THIS SITE. When you're there, click on "SHOP" and then scroll down to "Sherman". Take a look at the prices this famous seller is asking and getting for her Shermans and compare those to my prices. What an eye-opener! I've just purchased her book. I need to learn more about all this stuff LOL!

Well, while I have you, I've got to tell you about that fabulous Sherman shown at the top of this post. It's my latest acquisition and I'm thrilled to have it. What a gorgeous Sherman red crystal bead demi-parure this is! It's in fantastic condition. All pieces are signed and just look at that color! The red aurora borealis Austrian crystals are superb. I'm offering it at $395. Now I wonder, if I were one of those other Sherman dealers I saw at the Antique show what I'd sell it for? Most of the items I saw at one stall started at $200 for a single brooch. One 3-piece set was $995!! What on earth am I doing selling my Shermans at dealer prices???!!!


Deb said...

Viga, I'm still trying to lift my jaw up off my desk!!! I just visited the site you mentioned where the Sherman was being sold at high prices but I didn't expect that! You need to amend your post to warn people to sit down before they check it out!!! Just goes to show what great deals you are offering.

By the way, I love the red crystal set you have just acquired. Would love to add it to my collection but just not in the budget right now :( sigh!!!


Isn't that an eye-opener?! And I tell you what: she's not the only one who sells Sherman for prices like that. One of my associates has gorgeous pieces but nothing starts below $500. Then one of the vendors at the show, who's well-known on the circuit, had a massive collection but her prices...ay yay yay! I love alexandrite Shermans and she showed me one. Price was $995 for necklace and earrings. I just sold my one and only alexandrite set for $350 and was thrilled to get that price, and it was exquisite! Photos are in my blog or you can see it under SOLDS on my Sherman site. I tell you too, from what I've seen of your Shermans, you're sitting on a fortune if you ever decided to sell at the price these ladies are selling for LOL!

As for my red crystal set, you bet it's gorgeous. Just remember I'm always open to offers and I have a bit of room to move on that one :))