Friday, August 8, 2008


Christmas Day, 2007, was a strange day in my house. Believe it or not, except for my husband and adult daughter, we had no-one to spend that very important day with. My other daughter, her partner and my grand-daughter, had all come over 2 days earlier to celebrate Christmas as they were flying to Punta Cana on Christmas eve. The daughter who was at home with us was pining for her partner, who had flown home to Australia to spend Christmas with his family. So there we were, the three of us (we have no other relatives in Canada) with nothing to do on Christmas day ... until my husband suggested we go to Casino Niagara for Christmas dinner. It seemed ridiculous at first but then, why not? So off we went!

Being Christmas Day, it was appropriate, I thought, to dress up. Since I don't frequent many places where my bigger, glitzier Shermans are suitable, I opted to wear the gorgeous smoke-toned set in the photo above. And boy did it sparkle under those casino lights! This is a superb set with swarovski smoke-grey navettes positioned between lightly coated and complimentary aurora borealis stones. The screw-on earrings aren't original to this set but they are an excellent match. The monochromatic colors in the set were the perfect compliment and contrast to the warm reds in my blouse. As I cashed in my chips later, the ladies behind the counter asked me about my jewelry and were amazed to learn that it was probably 40 - 50 years old and yet hadn't lost a bit of its luster or beauty.

And that's the beauty of superbly designed and maintained vintage Shermans. They're eye-catching and timeless and make wonderful conversation pieces. You can buy this set for only $125 at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE.

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