Saturday, June 14, 2008


That's a loaded question! A quick answer would probably be what you hear when you're buying a home or any major investment: it's worth what a buyer is willing to pay! And when it comes to jewellery by Sherman, some buyers are willing to pay a lot!

Take the examples in the photos in this blog. They are of Sherman jewelry sold since June 1, 2008 on eBay, which after all is where we're supposed to be able to find bargains. So if these are bargains, then be prepared to pay a lot for a piece of Sherman jewelry.

That stunning fuschia cuff bracelet recently sold on Ebay for $4500! Yes, you read right. Now we currently have a T.Michaels designer gold & diamond jewelry set on our site at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE

for which we're asking only $1425 and given the high cost of gold right now, it's a steal. But so far, it remains unsold. And yet that Sherman cuff bracelet sold for $4500! Ouch. In fact, that's not the highest dollar I've seen on eBay recently for cuff bracelets. There was another in excess of $5300!

Sure makes my gorgeous green/blue bracelet shown on the lower right seem way underpriced at $350 including insured shipping, doesn't it! And I keep thinking my prices are too high? Yeah right! If you'd like to see more photos of this beauty, just click on the photo.

Here's another comparison: the large smoke gray cuff bracelet shown on the left sold for ... are you ready? $2747! And I'm talking US dollars by the way.

Moving away from bracelets and into necklaces, what about this beautiful blue necklace below that sold for just below $175. No matching earrings, just the necklace:

Now not all Sherman necklaces get a dollar as high as that but this one's unique: it's large marquise stones, surrounded by clear crystals and its lovely design set it apart from other Sherman necklaces out there.

That probably also explains why some time ago, one of my sets shown on the right sold on Ebay for $320. It was just fabulous and the bidding was intense. But the set was so unique with its huge stones and superb condition. And after all, it was a set! You can click on that photo to see other items sold from my site at SHERMAN JEWELRY SHOWCASE but it's far from the complete list. Surf around the site to find more recently sold items.

What I do find intriguing, given the high interest in Sherman jewelry is how few visitors to my sites will not buy directly from the site where the price is so reasonable, but they'll bid on it on eBay. I guess they're still hoping to snag the Sherman for less on eBay. Well l'll say this much: I usually get more for my Shermans when they're being auctioned off on eBay. Why do I tell you this? Simply because if you're looking for a bargain on Sherman Jewellery, eBay might NOT just be the best place to find it! If those prices above are any indication, it's something to think about, isn't it.

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