Monday, June 2, 2008


Right now on Ebay, the set shown in the photo is on auction. I'm watching it, not because I want to try and win it but just out of curiosity. You see, this set will probably go for huge dollars for two reasons:

1) It's a 3-piece set

2) Its color: FUSCHIA

I don't usually draw attention to jewelry being sold by others since I have plenty of my own to sell, but if you're interested in investing in Sherman jewelry, an auction like this one is a good one to either bid on or at least watch.

Shermans in fuschia or red shades command the highest dollar. With reds, the dollar will be even higher if it's what is known as "SIAM RED". Be it earrings, a brooch, a bracelet, whatever, if it's SIAM RED, collectors want it and they'll pay for it. It's much the same with Sherman jewellery in fuschia. These colors are also hard to get simply because those who own them hold onto them. About a month back, I actually saw a set of Sherman jewelry, bracelet & necklace, go for over $7,000 on Ebay ... and they weren't even a perfect match. The match wasn't perfect but the colors were!

So are there any other colors of Sherman that are popular? Well all Sherman jewelry is highly collectible, but preferences for both those who wear Sherman and those who collect it are the deeper colors: Purple is rare and sought after. Deeper shades tend to be more popular than lighter colors. Blues are very common, easier to obtain. Also highly desirable and hard to get are the "Alexandrite" type stones that change color in different lighting situations. I have 2 such pieces available from my website at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE. They are absolutely gorgeous. My favourite is the one pictured in this post. Click on the photo to see other photos that show the color changes. It's magnificent!

While you're on my site, don't miss the exquisite Fuschia set that I'm also selling. It's a 3-piece set consisting of dangling earrings, necklace and brooch. It also has something else that Sherman collectors are always looking for: the backing is "japanned". That means that the backing has a black finish, meant to give even richer color to the jewelry. It's definitely a set that anyone who wants valuable Sherman and is willing to pay for it should be adding to the collection. Here's what I'm talking about:

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