Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today I want to introduce you to what is probably my favourite Sherman set. Not only is it an exquisite design, but it features the scarce Alexandrite-type stones that are sought after almost as much as the Siam red and fuschia Shermans.

What's so special about Alexandrite-type stones? Well they have the same color-changing property of true alexandrite, a precious gem. True alexandrite can change from ash gray to green to pale blue to purple in minutes, depending on what kind of light it's exposed to. It's utterly fascinating to watch the color changing and it does it quite quickly. You can purchase genuine alexandrite stones HERE ... just a perfect size to set in a ring.

I look for jewelry with genuine alexandrite or costume jewelry like this Sherman set constantly. They are not easy to find and when I do get a piece, I never have them for long. I recently listed this ring with genuine alexandrite in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE. It was sold in 24 hours! I managed to acquire a gorgeous WEISS necklace and earrings that used the Alexandrite-type stones and it sold in under a month ... just last week as a matter of fact. You can see that one HERE. (Both those sold items will display for only one month from now)

And so now, we have this gorgeous Sherman set of necklace and earrings. That first photo shows you an all Lavender or mauve colored set. But now look at this other photo of the necklace:

Yes, it's one and the same necklace but as you can see, now part of the necklace is pale blue. If you click on that photo, you can see many more photos of this set showing the earrings in both blue and mauve, and also showing the backings on the jewelry. It's in mint condition. Further information on this set is provided at both SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE or in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE. Slip over and take a look at all those photos. This one is rare, beautiful and highly collectible!

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